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How To Choose The Ideal Mattress Type For You?

Good sleep is one of the most important things in life to make you feel refreshed and enhance your daily performance. It is imperative to incorporate habits that improve your sleep quality, like exercise and eating a few hours before bedtime.

However, your bed and mattress also make a huge difference in your sleep. You can find various mattresses in the market, such as memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, etc. How to choose an ideal mattress type for you? If you are a newbie when it comes to buying mattresses, this guide suitably covers many factors that will help you decide on the right product. Let’s look at some key points to consider when buying mattresses for restful sleep.

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How to choose the best mattress for sleeping?

If you are looking for the best mattress for sleeping but confused with features to look for; read here to know more! Additionally, we have got you covered with factors you must consider. Here are some factors to consider when buying a mattress:

● Comfort

Comfort is one of the most crucial things to consider in a mattress. Some people like bouncy innerspring mattresses, while some like little dense mattresses like memory foam. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preference and which one you feel is the most comfortable for you. A mattress that contours to your spine is primarily ideal for peaceful sleep and avoids back pain.

● Temperature

Some people sleep hot, especially in the summer season. A bulky mattress can cause the heat to get trapped within the mattress. This can cause the mattress to release intense warmth, which causes a user to feel hot. The traditional memory foam mattress and pillow tops can increase the temperature during your sleep. Always opt for mattresses with cooling or gel technology as it allows the heat to flow seamlessly.

● Sleeping position

The sleeping position plays a huge role in making a mattress comfortable or uncomfortable for you. Adequate spine support is crucial for avoiding back pain or body pain. Hence, a mattress should give adequate body support no matter what your sleeping position is. How to choose the best type of mattress for side sleepers? If you are a side sleeper, then a pillow top mattress provides adequate spine support and comfort. On the other hand, a memory foam mattress works perfectly for side sleepers.


● Return policy and trial

A mattress is not a cheap item to buy; hence, you need to try it and sleep on it to make the ultimate decision. When searching for a mattress, always look for a brand that provides a reasonable trial period and returns policy. Online mattress manual will often have warranty info available to review. The mattress should have at least a 15 to 30-day trial as it helps in correctly evaluating the mattress’s ability to enhance sleep quality.

● Brand

A brand is crucial when selecting a mattress as a creditable brand provides more than ten years warranty and easy exchange. Many new brands are emerging in the Canadian market that offers users impeccable quality mattresses and excellent customer service. Every Canadian brand speaks for its own durability and performance with their impeccable mattress products. For more information about the best mattress brands in Canada check this article from Comfynorth.ca.

● Budget

Budget is as important as the mattress quality; hence, always find one that fits your budget the best. People think that an expensive mattress is the one that is going to provide them with the best sleepy quality. However, there is no guarantee that a high-end mattress delivers maximum comfort. Always let your preferences be your guide and take your sweet time to find a perfect mattress for you in every way possible.

How to choose a mattress according to your preference?

Not all people are side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or hot sleepers. So, how to choose mattress firmness or type that works well for you. Do not worry; we have your back like always. Here are some mattress suggestions which you can choose according to your sleeping preferences.

● Firmness

Finding the right one can be challenging if you prefer a medium-firm mattress or a highly firm mattress. The memory foam mattress is known for its firmness and providing adequate back support. If you like firm mattresses, choose one that has dense foam layers at the base. The top layer should be comfortable, cool, and light to sleep well. An extra firm mattress can cause back pain as it does not contour well with the spine.

● Bounce

We all like a bouncy bed that we can jump on in our free time. The compression makes the mattress sink under our weight, promoting higher sleep quality. If you are a bouncy mattress person, then an innerspring mattress is ideal. It has pocketed coils, and each one of them is covered with a dense fabric. The mattress bounces, but the innerspring helps in reducing the ripple effect. These mattresses are durable, and many people prefer them. However, the spring mattress can compress over time which is not something a user likes.

● Side sleepers

Most people in the world are side-sleepers, and this sleeping position can stress the spine. Innerspring foam conforms to a user’s body shape; hence, it is ideal for side sleepers. Soft foam mattresses with springs help support the shoulder and pelvic area, which allows for comfortable body alignment. Innerspring is also the best type of mattress for back pain.

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● Stomach sleepers

People say it is not a healthy habit to sleep on your stomach, but we cannot help it. If you are a stomach sleeper, you do not want an enveloping memory foam to restrict breathing. It is essential to invest in a denser innerspring foam, a soft foam mattress, or an air mattress. These mattresses evenly distribute pressure which is ideal for enhancing comfort and avoiding back pain.

● Cool mattress

Some people are hot sleepers, and all they want is a good mattress for adequate support, which keeps them cool. A memory mattress is a poor choice for people who wish to use a cooling mattress. Latex or foam mattresses tend to retain heat; hence, you have to stay away from them. Investing in a mattress with cooling technology, a gel layer, or even a cooling topper can help.


Many people do not even pay attention to their mattresses which can cause body and back pain in the future. However, it is crucial to know how to choose an ideal mattress for you. Comfort and spine alignment are the key factors that you should not compromise on ever.

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