How To Order Colored Prescription Contacts Online

Colored Prescription Contacts

Improving our vision is one of the functions of contact lenses. Of course, contact lenses that correct your vision are a different type. What made them so different? Well, besides its primary purpose, these contact lenses require a doctor’s prescription like buying a pair of eyeglasses. Buying in a local eye clinic or stores is easy as buying a pair of eyeglasses compared to ordering online.

So, why choose to order prescription contacts online? On the internet, many online stores sell various contacts, non-prescription, and prescription ones. Buying through the internet is a safe and convenient option since you would not have to go out to a store and expose yourself to the ongoing pandemic. Although buying online has its downsides, it is still a leading choice of buying items today!

Two Types of Contact Lens

#1) Soft Contacts

These are popular in the market as it is more comfortable to wear since it stores up more water and does not touch the cornea. It can be applied with ease as well since it has minimal discomfort. This type also has three subtypes, and these are daily wear, extended wear, and daily disposables.

  • Daily Wear: You wear them during the day and clean them during the night.
  • Extended-Wear: You wear them most of the time, even overnight, and you clean them once a week.
  • Daily Disposables: Consumable lenses that you throw away after using them once.

#2) Rigid Glass Permeable or Hard Contacts

This type is less comfortable to wear and apply compared to its soft counterpart. However, they are much easier to take care of and much more durable. They give better vision and relieve astigmatism.

Why Choose to Wear Contact Lenses?

Colored Prescription Contacts

Natural Looks

Since they attach to your pupils, they give the user a natural look compared to glasses. But that is not all; using colored contact lenses makes your eyes look beautiful! So, if you are looking to look better for an occasion, consider having contacts.

They Move with Your Eyes

Glasses have edges that distort the vision, leading to dizziness or astigmatism. But wearing eye contact does not distort your vision since it moves where your eyes look. If you have problems like astigmatism, this will surely help you relieve the issue.

They Would Not Fog Up

Wearing masks and eyeglasses is a terrible combination; every time you breathe, the glass fogs up, blocking your vision. Contact lenses, do not fog up your vision when wearing a mask or breathing out in cold weather. This would be helpful in today’s situation where we always wear masks to go outside.

They Correct Both Near and Far-Sighted Vision

Are you near or far-sighted? These plastic or permeable glass lenses correct both near and farsightedness (read more), making it a good choice. Eyeglasses can have multifocal too, but it could lead to astigmatism because of the distorted glass at different angles.

So, What Is the Catch?

Needs to Be Maintained and Cleaned

Contact lenses need maintenance like using their cleaning solution and placing them in their ideal environment. Without proper care, it could lead to discomfort to your eyes. Depending on which type you have, you have to follow guides and instructions on how to take care of them, with their specific kinds.

They Are Costly

They need to be replaced according to your doctor or according to the expiration date for non-prescription contact lenses. Because they have expiration dates, the cycle of throwing and buying new ones is costly. Additionally, buying a cleaning solution makes it more expensive since you will be buying a lot of it.

Now that you know the pros and cons of owning a pair of eye contacts, let us go over the steps on buying it online!

#1) First Things First, Go to The Doctor

As the title suggests, you have to visit your eye doctor first to get your up-to-date prescription. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is crucial to have up-to-date prescriptions. The purpose of it is to maintain your eye health by having eye contact that accurately corrects vision. Some online stores have their websites that prescribe you, with extra charges, and some answering some tests are required.

#2) Choose Your Brand

Stores with brands help you see if the store offers satisfactory items in stock. Many stores sell colored prescription contacts; you have to choose one of them. You can read their product reviews to get some more insights about their items.

#3) Scan Your Prescription

Since you have to buy eye contacts prescribed by the doctor, you have to scan the prescriptions when shopping online. Capture a picture of the paper and upload it in the requirement section or page in placing an order. Some stores offer you an option to have them make a call to your doctor through the phone before processing your order.

#4) Place Your Order

After scanning, it is time to place your order. You will have to use your debit or credit card since you are purchasing through an online store. Be careful not to easily trust the store as many con artists have gone digital. You can select faster shipping if you are in a rush to receive those new items; they would charge you extra in exchange for the service.

#5) Use Your Tracking Number

After placing your order, the website or app would give you a tracking number for your items. Use your tracking number to the shipping company website partnered with the store. Tracking numbers will help you keep updated on your order’s location and help identify any problems during shipping.

#6) Receive Your Order

Finally, your items have arrived, and you are eager to test out the products. Do not be in the rush of using your contact lenses right away. You have to check them out first. How is the quality or how is the condition?

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You have to answer these questions first. Then look for an instruction manual that will guide you on how to properly take care of the product and how to correctly place them on your pupils.

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