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How To Start Working Out And Stick To Your Routine

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Anyone who’s made a New Year’s resolution to start working out knows how hard it can be to stick to a routine. By the time February rolls around, getting up early and hitting the gym starts to make you doubt your decision, and before long, you stop going altogether.

Starting a workout routine is tough, and sticking to one can be even tougher. Fitness experts suggest that the best way to stick to a routine is to make it a habit rather than relying on self-motivation every time. You’re more likely to cave, especially when you’re busy or stressed. Once working out becomes second nature, you’re on the right track.

Just getting started can be a tough obstacle to overcome. Try these tips to find the right routine for you.

#1 Ask a Friend for Help

The gym can be an intimidating place the first time you go. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing, and they’re already in great shape. If you have a friend who’s already established their gym routine, ask if you can tag long. Barring that, consider hiring a personal trainer for your first few visits to familiarize yourself with the gym and how to use the equipment.

#2 Get the Right Workout Clothes (at the Right Price)

When you’re buying athletic wear and workout equipment, you have to strike the right balance between price and function. If you come unprepared, you will be less likely to enjoy the workout. You want to be comfortable and wear clothes that give you maximum performance, but you don’t want to spend top dollar on everything.

Go online to find second-hand athletic wear at a great price. You can find Luluemon like new in Canada on online marketplaces, as well as other top athletic wear brands. You don’t need to break the bank before you commit to working out.

#3 Try New Things

If you want to improve your health and incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, don’t commit to doing just one thing. If you want to improve your chances of sticking to a fitness routine, start by trying out new activities.

There’s more to fitness than a gym membership. You can try plenty of healthy, beneficial workout routines from your home. You can find tons of classes online to help you get moving. There are also new apps with video workout classes. You can also switch out the gym for jogging or incorporate biking as part of your commute or running errands.

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#4 Schedule Workout Time

It’s one thing to say, “Maybe I’ll go out for a jog later today.” It’s another to put an evening run in your organizer. When you want to turn something into a habit, consistency is key. Until your workout becomes second nature, micromanage your time and carve out room for fitness. It’s easy to let working out get squeezed out by other priorities. Carve out time dedicated to fitness, and you’ll see the results.

If you want to stick to your new fitness routine, set yourself up for success. Ask for help from a friend, get the right athletic wear, find the right routine by trying new things, and schedule time devoted to your workout.

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