HP Printers And Simple Steps For Maintenance

HP Printers

If you have a HP printer then you have a quality machine that should stand the test of time, as long as you keep it in good working order and complete regular maintenance on it. Maintenance does not need to be difficult but knowing where to start is often incredibly stressful. We have put together a quick guide to help you work out what maintenance needs to be done and when, meaning that you can look after your HP printer without any issues at all!

Clean the Printer Head

The first part to any printer maintenance is knowing how to clean the printer head. This is located inside the sealed part of your printer and is cleaned by running a program that works to maintain the printer. Simply head to the printer settings on the machine and find the maintenance tab. When you find it, you just need to press to start the program and then let the machine do the hard work. Once it is finished, the printer will beep and you can then use it again. Schedule this program once every three to six months, depending on how much printing you complete.

Wipe Down The Exterior

Another important aspect of printer cleaning is wiping down the machine with a lint free cloth each week. This will help to reduce the amount of dust that gets inside the machine and keep it looking its best wherever it is housed. It is also essential that you keep the printer free of clutter and do not use it as additional surface to stack books or papers on. Stacking things on a printer can stop it from functioning properly so make sure to keep it clear at all times.

Do Not Force Open Any Parts

When you are cleaning your printer, do not feel tempted to try and clean parts that are difficult to reach or contained in a sealed part of the printer. Printers are designed to maintain themselves through the cleaning programs that are installed in their settings and only need you to wipe down areas that are easy to reach.

Use High-Quality Ink

HP Printers Ink

Many printer owners do not realize that printer ink for HP printers is also used as a cleaning fluid when you set your printer head cleaning program into action. This means that the better the ink, the better the clean. Do not fall for the advertising campaigns that tell you your 564 HP ink cartridges (or whichever you use) should come from HP because specialist ink suppliers make better ink for lower prices. It’s true! You can save a small fortune buying replacement ink and give your printer the best chance at a long and productive life.

What You Need To Remember

So, the next time your printer is due a good clean, remember to set the internal cleaning program to start, wipe down everything you can reach and use HP ink replacement from a company like Smart Ink to save you cash and to inject quality into your machine and the printing it produces.

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