Four Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re fed-up with your bathroom’s boring decor, there are many ways you can stylishly transform the space, regardless of your budget. Don’t know where to begin? Then check out these four inspiring ideas.

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A Clawfoot Bath Can Add a Touch of Class to Your Bathroom

 When clawfoot baths first became available in the 1800s, they were luxury items. They were made out of cast iron with a porcelain lining, and had a distinctive rolled rim design, and decorative feet that give the clawfoot bath its name. They may have gone out of fashion when commonplace fitted bathrooms became all the rage under a century ago, but clawfoot baths are firmly fashionable once again. You can get a variety of designs that feature different types of rims and feet, so whether you want a retro or a more modern and streamlined look, you will find a bath to suit your taste. If you also intend to use your tub for showering, you’ll need to get a good shower curtain for a clawfoot bath. Make sure it’s a durable curtain that entirely surrounds the tub, so you don’t have to spend ages mopping your bathroom floor.

 You Can Create a Stylish Design by Coordinating Items

If you can’t afford centrepiece items like a clawfoot bath, you can create a beautiful design by coordinating all the things in your bathroom. Throw away mismatched items, like linens, bath mats, and towels, and replace them with coordinated items that match in colour and design. For example, if you have an off-white-coloured room, pale pink towels and bath mats, and a greige shade for cabinet doors will go together very well to create a style of finesse within an overall design scheme.

 Using Hints of Colour Can Transform Your Bathroom

You can make your bathroom feel like a completely different room by simply adding a dash of colour. You don’t have to go overboard and paint every wall. Sometimes it’s better to make a statement by choosing a bold colour for just one wall. If your bathroom has features like wood panelling, and you have white walls, consider painting the panelling a brighter hue to contrast the fresh whiteness. Another idea to add a hint of colour to your space is to upgrade a plain blind with a more vibrant patterned design. Striped, botanical or Toile de Jouy fabrics can inject some liveliness into your colour scheme.

 Adding a Mirror Can Create the Illusion of More Space

 Every bathroom needs a mirror, but don’t overlook how much the right style and size of the mirror can transform your space. If you have a small bathroom, large mirrors are excellent for creating the illusion of a bigger space; particularly if you use them with a neutral colour scheme. Consider placing a full-length mirror onto one wall of your room. Alternatively, choose a mirror that goes well with the rest of your design scheme. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy look, hang up a vintage-style mirror to create a great statement piece.

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