A Quick Look At Internet Usage By Age Group

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Recent studies show that we spend nearly seven hours on the internet each day. Whether you are young or old, you probably use the internet every single day – for streaming, shopping or anything else. In this article, we will look at the internet usage habits of different age groups.

Social media, YouTube and streaming

It is no surprise that younger and older people use the internet for very different reasons. Teens and young adults primarily use the internet to stay connected with their friends and to get entertainment. Most young adults use media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat on a daily basis, and this has become their main means of day-to-day communication. Furthermore, teens and young people use the internet for entertainment much more frequently than the older generation. For instance, they play online video games, watch their favourite YouTubers, and follow streams on Twitch. Additionally, the young generation uses streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu instead of watching traditional TV.

Shopping, booking tickets and paying bills

If we look at the internet usage of older adults, we see a very different pattern. While most adults spend almost as much time on the internet as young people, they use the web for different things. Adults tend to use the internet for practical reasons. For example, many adults do the majority of their shopping online, choosing the simplicity of browsing Amazon over traditional stores. Furthermore, they use the internet to book flight tickets and hotels, pay bills and other practical purposes. However, as more and more older adults get their hands on smartphones and tablets, many are moving over to online streaming services and news websites instead of watching TV and reading real newspapers.

Online games

Online casino games are a favourite hobby of millions of people around the world. Thanks to the internet, it is easy to enjoy slots and table games without having to visit a real casino. Thousands of adults use the internet to play games on popular online casinos such as TeleVega each and every day. Whether you are at home or on your commute to work, the internet has made it easy to access online casino games from your desktop or mobile phone. However, it is important to choose a good and secure online casino. Many users prefer to use online guides to find the best-rated casinos. Tips and professional recommendations are just some of the benefits of online reviews, which is why many adults use them. The internet has changed the lives of all age groups, whether it is used for streaming, social media or online games.

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