Is Moonlight Mode A Useful Feature For A Flashlight?


Are you planning to buy a flashlight and you come to know about a new feature, the Moonlight mode, for the first time? Now you are searching for the answer to the question that popped up in your mind, Is a flashlight with a moonlight mode really useful?

Do not worry. We are here to guide you.

Have you ever experienced the discomfort that your eyes feel when you are in a dark room, and a sudden phone call or a message notification pushes you to turn your phone on and look at its screen? I bet most of us suddenly turn the screen light to the minimum because that sharp light is too irritating for our eyes that have been in the dark for some time.

The same is the case with flashlights. We certainly need them when we are in the dark, and a sudden bright beam may be more blinding than illuminating. This is where moonlight mode comes to rescue us.

What is A Moonlight Mode in A Flashlight?

If you have been using an old-fashioned torch or flashlight, I am pretty sure you are new to the term moonlight mode. Check your flashlight. It, most probably, has 3 brightness adjustment options, low, medium, high. Are you now thinking that the low setting is the moonlight mode? Nah!

The dimmest light that old flashlights offer is not less than 30 lumens. In fact, they usually range between 30 to 60 lumens in the name of low light, which is not low at all.

The latest flashlights are equipped with a real low light setting usually called by two different names, moonlight mode and firefly mode. This mode produces lumens between 2 to 0.2, which is truly low.

Now that you know what moonlight mode is let’s elaborate on why this mode is introduced.

Why is Moonlight Mode Useful?

You indeed need a flashlight to see in the dark, and these lights help us by illuminating our surroundings. But have you ever felt that in some cases the things go vice versa?

Imagine you wake up amid the night. Let’s say at 3 am. You pick up the torch you placed beside you and turn it on to look for your slippers. BOOM! Instead of finding them, you suddenly shut your eyes because they can’t bear this much brightness all of a sudden. What else? You hear your roommates screaming at you for disturbing them at this time in the night with such a sharp light. What an embarrassment!

Now, let’s imagine yourself again in the same situation, but this time with a flashlight equipped with the moonlight mode. You wake up and turn on your torch in the dimmest mode that will produce no more than 2 lumens. Your eyes can handle this light easily and see where your slippers are when you point the beam on the floor. And your roommates are still enjoying their sound sleep because your torch didn’t illuminate the entire room.


Here are some scenarios where you will need to use the moonlight mode of your flashlight.

Going to Bathroom in the Mid of the Night

When you wake up in the middle of your sleep due to the urge to go to the bathroom, your eyes are actually at rest, and they do not expect a sudden shock of very bright light. Turning on your flashlight at high will give a blinding effect to your eyes. Art such times, you need lumens as low as 2 or 1 to see around easily.

During Camping

If you have ever been on a camping trip, you must be aware that keeping a flashlight with you is very important. Going out of your camp at night after hearing a thud or going to urinate, you need a low light to avoid disturbing your mates as well as to keep yourself safe from the intruders that might get attracted towards you by seeing the light. Insects also get attracted to strong lights.

There are lots of brands offering a huge variety of camping gear. You can find a flashlight with a moonlight mode in brands like FlashlightWorld, Campmor or Black Diamond that are specialized in camping essentials.

Dealing with some mechanical work at home

You must have noticed that bright lights usually reflect strongly from most surfaces. If you need to work under your sink or need to fix a small broken part of your child’s toy or your watch, you need a light that is too low to reflect.

Reading At Night

If you are a student and live with your friends, there are chances you need to study at night or maybe you are habitual of reading at night while your roommates simply hate this habit of yours. In that case, you need a low light that doesn’t disturb them.

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