Joss Stone: Young British Singer Puts Her Heart Into Soul

Being different works.

Despite her young, blonde and beautiful exterior, Joss Stone, the 16-year-old Brit vocal phenomenon has no desire to follow the more traditional route towards pop music, and yet people are taking notice.

Joss’s strong, rich and compelling voice is being compared to seasoned soul queens three times her age. She sings soul music because it is what her voice has chosen for her, “I just open my mouth and sing and this is what comes out,” she says.

Singer Joss Stone

Joss realizes how she looks and how she sounds are conflicting, and remarks, “Some people have said they don’t like how I sound just because of how I look.” But this doesn’t deter her, “I just don’t listen,” she says.

Joss says, “I really like to hear criticism because I always want to better myself.”

“no point on sitting on your ass all day!”

Joss’s parents are behind her all the way, but she says, “My parents have never been pushy,” so it was her decision to move ahead with her career: “If I wanted to do it then I knew I would do it all by myself.” And adds, “If you have a talent and you know it, then go for it. Don’t think about anything else, just do it, because there’s no point on sitting on your ass all day!”

Singer Joss Stone with restaurateur Chris Pengelley and Lorraine Zander
Faze founder Lorraine Zander and restaurateur Chris Pengelley join Joss Stone backstage at her intimate Canadian debut showcase at Revival Bar

Singer Joss Stone and Faze founder Lorraine Zander
A few days later Joss Stone and Lorraine Zander sat for some chat and laughs. (Joss’ mom was amazing and fun as well!)

Here’s Joss Stone singing “You Had Me”

Interviewed and written by Faze’s Jayne Rae

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