How Can You Keep Your Food Fresh And Cool While Going On A Camping Trip

camping picnic keep food fresh cooler

Camping is, indeed, an exciting thing. You get to mix with wildlife, enjoy nature, and experience a wide range of things. There are many things that you need in your camping backpack/package, and one of them is food. I know it is possible just to fit your packed snacks and food in a bag and go to the camping site. But this particular method comes with one huge problem, keeping food fresh. Most of the time, when going camping, people are interested in nature and do not have the facilities or appliances they would typically have at home like fridges. Therefore, you need to come up with a proper way of keeping your food fresh and cool. If you are clueless in this sector, do not worry. Here are some methods you can use to keep your food fresh and cool when going camping.

Invest in a Proper Cooler

Using a cooler is one of the most common ways of keeping food fresh and cool when traveling to a campsite. In fact, a cooler should not miss in your camping list of essentials.  The type of cooler you use highly depends on your budget and preference. If you want the best results, make sure you go for the high-end ones as they come impressive features that will deliver exceptional results.

camping picnic keep food fresh cooler

If you are clueless about anything to do with coolers, you can go through the Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler. This plug in cooler comes with a lot of space, which is what you need when going for a camping trip. You do not know what may happen during the trip or on the camping site; hence, you need to be prepared with a lot of food items, and the igloo cooler is perfect for these kinds of situations. It can hold 26 or 28 quarts worth of food items. Let us not forget its impressive cooling capacity. The cooler can cool food to 36 degrees F below normal temperature.

Avoid The Sun

On your journey to the campsite, try as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight because when you expose the food to too much heat, it makes it go bad very quickly. Try as much as possible to put the food under a shade. Also, make sure you do not cover it completely so that there can free flow of air all around it. If you are using a cooler, make sure that the cooler stays in the vehicle at all times until the celebrations start, and you need to use it.

camping picnic keep food fresh

Freeze Your Foods Beforehand

If you want to keep your food fresh and cool when going on a camping trip, then you should consider freezing it. Not only does it keep the food fresh when traveling, but also when you are at the camping venue.  Let me tell you why. Freezing provides a cold environment around the food. This is important because bacteria cannot survive in low temperatures (cold regions). Therefore when you freeze food, it inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. If micro-organisms do not exist, the food cannot go bad. It may affect the taste of the food a little bit, but it is highly effective.


Keeping food fresh and cool when going camping can be a hassle, especially if it is your first time going on such an expedition. All of this stress can be avoided by using a high-end cooler. With great features like thick walls and plug-in capabilities, the cooler can help in keeping your food cool and fresh for a very long time. Another great technique you can use is freezing your foods. Freezing foods, lower the temperatures and provides an inhabitable environment for micro-organisms. If bacteria cannot survive there, then the food cannot go bad. Let us not forget the fact that you can prevent food from going bad by reducing keeping it under a shade at all times to reduce direct exposure to the sun.

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