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Living Life On The Edge And Making The Most Of It

Do you live life on the edge? Are you a risk taker? Some people are just not overly enthusiastic about these things. Often happy to sail on through life. Earning their money, sticking to the same routines. But what happens to those people as they get older? Mainly they may feel regret? Have so many questions that start with “what if”? 

Living life on the edge though doesn’t necessary mean jumping out of planes or exposing yourself to dangerous situations. It’s more to do with just living life to the full. We have all heard that saying of life is too short. Do you believe it? Do you think time is precious? The perhaps you do live on the edge. I thought it would be a great idea to explore what living on the edge can actually do for you. Why is it worth it? Here are some of the reasons to consider.

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You make memories worth treasuring

People take risks every day. They are the ones living life on the edge. Some people do it more that others. But even booking a holiday to a destination you have never been before is a risk. It could be terrible, or it could be amazing. But you don’t know until you get there. But sometimes living this way and taking chances afford you the opportunity to make some incredible memories. Sticking to the same routine will always provide you with the same thing. That’s life. But changing things up a little enables you to experience new and exciting things. 

Travel is especially where this is more noticeable, but it isn’t just about jumping on a plane to a new destination. You also need to think about the way changing up your routine every once in a while can help you to make more of your daily life. Go somewhere new for coffee, say yes to that invitation to meet up with an old friend. Perhaps even taking that chance on a blind date or meeting someone new. Attending a new class, heading somewhere different for your usual walk. Small changes can lead on to the biggest opportunities to make some incredible memories. It may seem risky, even opting for a different coffee place than your usual haunt, but it could open up more doors in the process. 

You can be financially better off

Risk taking isn’t just about pushing you to your limits. It’s about taking risks for a better life. Many people risk these things everyday. They make financial decisions in the hope they will pay off. Often with a lot of money riding on the situation. But the question is, is it really a risk? Buying a property, for example, is risky yes. Who know’s whether that price you pay and the value will stay as it should. The risk element is that the valuation could plummet. Due to situations out of your control. Take the recession that happened a few years back. No one expected it, look what happened. Anyone who makes that leap and buys a home is taking a risk. So yes, you are living on the edge there. Is it worth it? Absolutely. While things could come crashing down, they can also rise. Your investment could increase, and you could be much better off. What happens if you are not around but yet you still have a mortgage to pay? Things like life insurance are there to take care of that. This is why it is a calculated risk. You make provisions to safeguard your assets and your dependants life. You could be a no risk taker, and stay in rented accommodation all your life. Paying your bills and letting someone else have that risk. But for what gain?

Of course, there are more riskier things you can do to become financially better off. Investing money in things like the stock market or business ventures. But there are also ways that you can learn tricks of the trade and hacks and using binary options trading software can also be an ideal option to consider. You could even look at a demo account if you wished. To help you stay on track. Starting small can help you to learn new things and build up some excellent funds. All of which could be lucrative, some of which could fail. But in all of this, we make that conscious decision, and it will always be worth it to try and better yourself. 

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The adrenaline rush

Let’s move on to some of the bigger factors of living life on the edge. The adrenaline junkies. Choosing to take risks and do things totally out of your comfort zone is an amazing feeling. The adrenaline rush is just something that cannot be replicated. There is a risk, of course, to do doing these things. Jumping out of planes and climbing mountains. Pushing yourself to the limit. But what is life, if you can’t push yourself to do these things. Is it worth it? Of course, it is. 

Life is what we make it, and too often we can look back on past decisions and wonder why we never took that leap of faith, went for it or experienced it. Who knows where it could have taken you? We all want that feeling, that adrenaline rush, that excitement, and often the risk involved in doing these things, pushing yourself to the limit can help you to believe and feel incredibly fulfilled. Success and accomplishment are two feelings not all of us get to experience, and often that is because we hold ourselves back.

Risk taking in your career and livelihood

Too often the story of people’s careers and jobs are very much the same. You have a job, you may work your way up the career ladder, you retire and that is it. But what if you took the risk on something you were passionate about? What if you took the risk to learn something new and start again? What if you took the risk to start your own business or work for yourself? It may sound like some of this could be crazy talk, because let’s face it, we rely on income to live. But we shouldn’t be in that rut where we are living to work and not working to live our lives. Are you doing a job you love? Do you feel passion? If you don’t then maybe now is the time to have a long hard think about it. A lot of us spend a massive chunk of our lives working, so we should do something that makes us feel fulfilled. Yes it may be a risk, but there could be a lot to gain from it. 

Moving someplace new

Many of us can stick to the same place we were born in, and because of that not move on or experience different parts of the country that we live in or indeed the world. There are options to move to different countries, work in different places, experience different cultures and ride the risk of that in all aspects of life. Do we take it? Not often. Why is that? Because it is scary. However, moving someplace new gives you the chance of a fresh start. A new chapter and a great way to enjoy your life in a different way. Now might be the ideal time to take that chance. 

Facing facts

While living on the edge provides you with many opportunities. You can better your life, improve your finances and feel good within yourself. Experience things each day that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t consciously make the choice. With all of this there comes a time where you need to face the facts. This is where making calculated risks are the ones that you need to stick with. Preparing for worst case scenario throughout all of this. It’s just taking precautions. No one jumps out of a plane without a safety harness. No one buys a property without first taking in all the factors. It’s called facing facts. It’s what all risk takers and people living on the edge do. Not everyone is a total optimist that lives with their head in the clouds. 

Taking risks will always have its benefits and up sides, but risk taking should always be considered as to what you will gain from it at the end of it. The chance element, the risk when it comes to your health and well-being, protecting others such as your family. We all want to live our lives and do what we can to live it to the fullest, but we also must consider life as precious. We can’t waste it, but we can’t throw it away either. 

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So is living on the edge worth it? Let’s hope this post has made you more aware of what life has to offer. That in everyday there is a risk to take. One that can lead on to bigger and better things, if you only give it a chance. 

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