Do Long Distance Relationships Work When You Meet Online?

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One aspect of online dating which doesn’t always occur to people at the outset is the possibility of falling for a foreign single. Every other aspect of your connection could be along lines guaranteed to create chemistry – your personalities complement each other, you get one another’s jokes, you’re on the same spiritual wavelength, and there’s a strong mutual attraction. The only issue is this person lives in a different timezone!

Say you’ve signed up to a Canadian dating site  and have been smitten by someone whose hometown happens to be in Europe or Africa or Polynesia. Can this ever work? Here are several reasons why is most certainly could.

Be open

This is the 21st century. People traverse the globe for all manner of reasons, to further careers, to study, to visit relatives, to take a vacation. Travel agencies are more than aware of the constant demand for aircraft bookings, with competition bringing prices down all the time, and modes of transport becoming ever faster and more streamlined. The upshot of this is, just because your potential soulmate lives thousands of miles away is no reason to dismiss the possibility of a fulfilling relationship out of hand. So a cardinal first rule is to remain open to every eventuality.

When it comes to posting your online profile, make sure this reflects your openness. By all means state the type of parameters you are into, such as personality types; or those you are not, such as certain political beliefs, or whether or not dating a smoker or a pet owner would be an issue. But when it comes to specifying a location, leave this blank. If a stunning female were to get in touch, connect with the person first. The fact she lives some distance away is something you can deal with at a later date. And deal with it is something you can do relatively easily.

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Make visual contact

It’s one thing to build a rapport with a captivating stranger in a chat room or via a series of flirtatious text messages. It’s something altogether more intimate when you can interact with them visually as well as virtually. With video chat software such as Skype now readily available, having regular face-to-face conversations is something which is easily arranged.

There will be logistical issues to overcome, particularly with time differences, but if you can set aside a mutually convenient time and stick to this on a regular basis, then you will have an opportunity to really connect. Having the ability to see how the object of your affection reacts to your flirting, as opposed to relying on texted replies, will be a huge bolster to your relationship.

A note of caution. There may be a temptation to use this opportunity to get physical and talk about sex. There might even be a temptation to enact some of your fantasies. But virtual sex can actually be a destructive activity, particularly if things don’t work out in the longer term. Rather than view video chatting as something salacious, look upon it as a logical extension of your normal messaging.

Go offline

Remember, the whole point of Internet dating is to provide a gateway to a relationship, rather than a substitute for a three-dimensional one. By all means, spend time getting to know each other via the website, but the more the chemistry grows between you, the greater the temptation will be to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Planning a holiday together and deciding the itinerary well in advance, will give your both something to really look forward to.

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