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How To Make Your TV Watching Night A Great One

TV Watching Night

A TV watching night can be a great way to bond with your friends and family. If you’re planning to have one soon, do you know how to make it memorable for all the right reasons?

A quality evening spent in front of the television will require a little time and effort, especially if you’re going to organize it. Using a reputable website such as OnTVTonight to know what the best current shows is a good still be there are more ways to up your TV game. Here are some tips to make your TV watching night a great one:

#1 Learn to love the outdoors

TV watching nights are usually done in the living room. If you want to take it up a notch, hold it outdoors instead to make your little get-together special and unique.

To make this idea a reality, simply hang a white sheet against a wall outside and project your chosen TV show in the darkness. You’ll be able to create an environment that resembles a drive-in theater, minus the costs. If you have stored some lanterns, use these as decorations for your set-up as well.

Outdoor Theatre

#2 Try to keep everyone happy

Before telling your friends and family when your next TV watching night is, consider what TV show will you be watching. If your audience includes kids and toddlers, don’t choose a show that involves violence. In the same way, don’t watch a cartoon if you’re expecting adults to come. Always choose a show that suits your audience. This can be tricky, but this is one way of ensuring everyone’s enjoyment and happiness throughout the night.  For some suggestions check out a list of educational cartoons at Funtastic Toy and watch them with your kids

#3 Distribute goody bags

A TV watching night usually begins by having dinner at the table and watching TV shows afterward. This is the most common routine, but if you want your TV watching night to be different, distribute goody bags to your audience instead of cooking for them. You can stash all of the goodies—which can include popcorn, chocolate, fruits, and even other healthy snacks—in a small bucket or paper bag. If you know the favorite snacks of your audience, opt to serve them while watching, too.

#4 Follow a specific theme

Aside from picking the right TV show and preparing goodie bags, take time to decide and follow a specific theme. You can base the theme on the TV show you’re going to watch. If you’re going to watch a pirate TV show, for example, use paintings of skulls as decorations or hand out pirate hats to all of your guests. You can also serve brownies and cupcakes with toppers of skulls, treasure chests, and pirate ships, to create an overall experience for your TV watching night.

Take Small Steps

Perfecting a TV watching night doesn’t happen with the flick of a finger; you need to be patient and resourceful with your efforts. Use this article as your guide for your next TV watching night, and you’ll be surprised how these small tips can go a long way for you to finally have the best TV watching night ever!

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