Making Time for Dating When You’re Too Busy

Saying that we’re busy is something that we have all been there with. We say it to ourselves, and will have had friends say it to us too. And while being busy is something that is very real for many of us, we can often use it as an excuse for things. Dating is something that we can feel that we are too busy for, but really, if you want to meet someone and have a relationship, then it is something that you will make time for. So deep down, if you do want to date, and have just used a busy work or school life as an excuse, how do you reconcile the desire with the fact that you have a busy career or other commitments? Here are some things to think about.

Time for Dating

Decide to prioritize

When you have a busy schedule, then getting to dating can rarely happen as it can feel like another thing to add to your to-do list. You have to choose to date and choose to make it a priority. What other things could you miss out on instead, at least for a while? If you don’t choose to make it a priority, then you will always be putting it off. A good way to make sure that it happens is to tell someone. Tell someone of your plans to start dating, and then they are going to ask you about it; they could also double up as your wing-woman. 

Be flexible

One of the biggest challenges that we can be faced with around dating is finding the time. We can think that we have to be dating in a certain way. You might work evenings and think that normally that is when dates occur, but they can happen anytime! If you have a long distance relationship potentially, then you need to think outside the box a little as to when you are going to talk, which can be a struggle over timezones. So just be flexible with your approach, and don’t presume that things have to be a certain way. They can be any way that you choose.

Try new things

There is a saying that describes insanity as trying out the same things and expecting to get different results. So when it comes to your dating life and wanting something positive to happen, then it could be a good idea to try new things and approach dating in a different way. If you’ve not tried dating apps before, then is that something that you would consider trying? If things haven’t been working out with men, then could trying lesbian phone lines work for you? When you approach things differently it can be fun and exciting, and it is almost guaranteed to get you some different results if what you are trying is something you’ve not done before.

couple cooking date

You know what is going to work best for you at the end of the day. You can decide what is right for you, and if you don’t want to date, then don’t. But if you are interested in a love life, then you have to be proactive in doing something about it.

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