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Miranda Cosgrove: The Highest Paid Girl In Hollywood

Lorraine Zander and Miranda Cosgrove

Move over, Miley—there’s a new teen queen in town. After dozens of small TV and movie roles, 18-year-old Miranda Cosgrove got her big break when she was cast in the wildly successful series iCarly. It has led to her becoming the highest paid teen actress in the world (she reportedly makes $180,000 an episode!)

Miranda CosgroveAs if her acting wasn’t impressive enough, she also has two albums already: Sparks Fly and High Maintenance. The albums features song written by Miranda herself.“It’s really a chance for me to let people know what I’m like,” she tells Faze.“I wanted to make something I’m super proud of…something that really means something to me.”

Though she claims she “got lucky” when first starting out in the biz, Miranda knows it takes way more than luck to be successful. How does she do it? “I think it’s about having a good support system,” she says, explaining how close she is with her friends and family. “And…being able to laugh a lot and not be too serious. Be able to make fun of yourself.”

Talent, passion and a sense of humour—Miranda Cosgrove is definitely a superstar in the making!

Miranda at her Faze Magazine interview in Toronto

Miranda Cosgrove Just a regular ol' teen :) Our interview with Miranda Cosgrove!

Miranda Cosgrove

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