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The Most Luxurious Gyms in the World

Fitness has become a matter of concern especially these COVID-19 times when people are spending too much time indoors. That’s why the fitness industry is booming with many gyms opening up all over the place. While ordinary gyms provide the most basic services, luxurious gyms offer extras such as heated pools, personal trainers and spa facilities. In light of this, the following are the most luxurious gyms worldwide.

1. The Houstonian Club

houstonian gym fitness

Located in Houston USA, this is one of the best and most luxurious gyms across the world. It is also among the biggest as it covers more than 125,000 square feet (1.16 ha) of space. The Houstonian club provides luxurious facilities including strength and cardio machines, swimming pools, tennis courts and a boxing ring. To enjoy its services, you’ll have to pay a membership fee of $24,000.

2. E At Madison Fitness Club

equinox gym fitness

Located in New York USA, E At Madison is considered the second most expensive fitness centre. It was launched in 2004 and the facilities being offered there are unmatched, to say the least. In order to get admittance, you will have to part with $21,000 as a membership fee. Once a member, you’ll enjoy services including a private cabana, personal workout managers and access to a golf coach.

3. BXR London

 BXR gym fitness

While boxing is the main discipline offered at this gym in London, members can enjoy more than that. Launched in 2017, BXR strives to develop a championship mindset, while offering the highest standards of training expected by professional athletes. Its services include strength conditioning, one-on-one/group classes, clinic treatments and personal on-site dietitians. The gym offers various membership plans including “Sweat 30” which costs $240 monthly and “Sweat Unlimited” costing $400 monthly.

4. Eden One

gym fitness EDEN-ONE

Located in Dublin Ireland, Eden One gym combines the best of spa and fitness into one. Eden One offers three facilities, these include gym, spa, and lounge. With a $230 monthly fee, you will benefit from Mind & Body classes, personal trainers, and access to heated pools and dry salt relaxation rooms. The interior and the dim lights of Eden One create an atmosphere similar to the one you get at casinos, making it tempting to play some casino games at a live casino Ireland may have to offer, after an intense workout session.

5. SkyWellness

gym fitness skywellness

An architectural masterpiece in itself, this fitness centre in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, could as well charge admission fees simply for its views. The SkyWellness is renowned worldwide for its exclusive and luxurious services. They include the unique body-balance program which combines yoga, tai-chi and Pilates into a single training regimen. However, the prices are not cheap as you’ll need to cough $30,000 to secure a membership.


While what is required in a gym is the equipment, many people are always looking for extras. That’s why the most luxurious gyms across the globe are popular because they offer not just training space, but also an amazing comprehensive/holistic experience. Apart from the mentioned above, other equally luxurious establishments include the Detroit Athletic Club, Sitaras Fitness centre and the Harbour Club.

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