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Movie Review: Neverland, The Mini-Series

Journey back to where it all began.

Neverland Peter Pan Tinkerbell

Before Peter was Pan and Hook was Captain, an entire story exists, yet to be told. Neverland, an exciting new mini series, does just that: it’s a darker-than-the-original re-imagining and prequel to the beloved story of Peter Pan, The Lost Boys and Neverland.

In the middle of London in 1906, James “Jimmy” Hook (Rhys Ifans) has assembled a small gang of orphans–Peter (Charlie Rowe) among them–to do his petty thieving for him.

But, during a dangerous heist, the boys stumble on a strange orb that pulls them all into Neverland and suddenly their adventures get even more dangerous. Murderous pirates, angry fairies, hungry crocs, mysterious hooded figures and more lie waiting for them in this other world. Can the boys all stay together? Can Jimmy really be trusted to lead them home? Can they ever get home at all?

Neverland also features the talents of Keira KnightleyAnna Friel and Bob Hoskins in one of his last roles.

Here’s the run down:

Action: Check! With sword fights and chase scenes with mystical creatures, there is always something on screen to keep your heart racing.

Adventure: Of course! Exploring a brave new world with the possibility that they may have to call it home, Peter and The Lost Boys are on the ultimate adventure.

Drama: In a place as upside down as Neverland, how do you know who to trust? Friends become enemies and family dynamics are challenged in this exciting mini series. Don’t miss out!


Special Features:

1. Extra commentary with the writer/director Nick Willing
2. Cast interviews
3. Green to scene: you get to see the comparison between the green screen that was actually filmed and the final product, after all the special effects are added
4. Art gallery from Neverland
5. Neverland: access all areas: a behind the scenes look at the whole filming process

Neverland now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Check it out!

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