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Movie Review: Up

Pixar’s tenth animated film, UP, is filled with adventure, mortality, love and is coloured with humour throughout.


Carl Fredrickson, a 78-year-old widower (voiced by real-life gruff older fellow, Ed Asner) does all he can to fulfill the dreams he feels his wife left behind. Although the film is in 3D, the real pops and shocks come from the astounding, rich love a man can have for a woman, and the lengths at which one will go to end up where they always dreamed.

With a cute and suspenseful subplot about saving a bird, the themes of wilderness and care for animals is carried out beautifully with Russel, the little explorer who ends up pairing up with Carl for the adventure; this movie takes innocence to a whole new level.

“The detail, and emotion in this movie is unreal,” said one guest at the advanced screening of the film.

Up Movie Poster

Check out UP in 3D or 2D on home video. Here’s the trailer:

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