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There’s So Much To Do (And Eat) In Montreal In The Summer

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Many people associate Montreal with wintertime because of the famous Canadiens hockey team, Stanley Cup finalists in 2021, or the excellent nearby skiing. Montreal is a bustling city when the ice melts, with its own distinct zest for life you can feel in everything from street art to delicious food.

Let’s explore a bit of what makes the city of Montreal so great in summer for tourists and residents alike.

Affordable City

The cost of living in Montreal is considerably less than it is in other major Canadian cities, like Toronto. Just look at what the average monthly rent costs in Montreal versus other Canadian cities, and you’ll understand why the price of food and diversions is calibrated accordingly.

Even the price of the airport commute can be lower, especially with new models that let you leave your car at the park and fly at YUL airport more conveniently, and for considerably less money than airport parking would otherwise cost.

Drive your own car and park beside the airport, then take the free shuttle bus to your terminal. All you need to do is show your reservation to the parking attendant, made online the night before, and they’ll wave you through.

Tourists and locals can save money if they’re savvy, knowing where to shop and optimal ways to travel.

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Delicious Food of All Types

Whether you want to eat gastronomic fare or no-fuss grub, Montreal has you covered. From famous smoked meat destinations like Schwarz’s delicatessen, Montreal-style bagels from St. Viateur, and more, the city is crawling with unique flavours that won’t overwhelm your wallet.

Check out a food guide or consult friends for their favourite picks, but it’s hard to go wrong in a city with excellent high-end food options and countless places you’ll stumble on and find a wonderful meal for cheap. Montreal is a very walkable city, and part of the charm is losing yourself in the streets and winding up in a great restaurant you would never have found via Google.

Artists Everywhere

Affordable cities attract artists, and Montreal has every type you could want. From street musicians to indie clothing designers and more, the city that birthed music greats like the legendary Leonard Cohen or the famous Canadian novelist Mordecai Richler still punches above its weight in terms of artists.

The palpable vibe may have died after the Montreal Canadiens lost in the Stanley Cup finals to the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the city’s streets are still teeming with life and art during the summer.

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Montreal is a relaxed city that leans into its own cultural identity, which has much to do with language and history and, on a more fundamental level, the things that make life worth living — food and art. Have fun exploring Montreal this summer, whether you’re a local who was cooped for most of the year or a tourist looking for something new and fun.

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