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The Delicate Pansy Behind the Mystery of Doe Deere’s New Jewelry Launch ‘Poppy Angeloff’

Doe Deere - Poppy Angeloff

Anyone can run a business, but it takes a special person to maintain its success, keep things evolving and offer something to customers that they really want.

When it comes to jewelry, the finest pieces are the ones you cannot live without. Fabulous gems become an obsession for many, and Doe Deere understands this so well.

She and her sister are launching a brand new jewelry brand called Poppy Angeloff. It’s an exciting venture for both, and they are consumed with numerous details, getting the word out across social media and carefully nurturing their blossoming jewelry line. In fact, the pansy has become the symbol of their brand and dates back to Victorian times. In those days, romance and passion were hidden and mysterious. If you received a pansy from an admirer, he or she was thinking of you. It was seen as a thoughtful expression.

The pansy is a delicate and elegant symbol just like the jewelry the sisters will be offering to their fans. Both Doe and Kat come from a family line of petite women, and they believe the market is lacking in small stunning pieces that flatter a petite woman’s small hands, for example. Poppy Angeloff celebrates jewelry with bold vivid color and symbolism and is delicate for all women to show off.

Doe says that “Rings are like butterflies for your fingers.”

Doe Deere has been a busy, young entrepreneur for most of her life. The Russian-born businesswoman moved to New York City while in her late teens and met her future husband Mark Dumbleton there. Together, the pair launched the famous Lime Crime makeup brand in their apartment in 2008. Their vision was strong, rebellious and modern, and they were in love.

Doe and Mark knew their power was in business and creative ventures, and Lime Crime soared to the top of e-commerce. Doe and Mark were effective at brand-building and finding the right audience for their contemporary cosmetics label.

Lime Crime is now under the new ownership of Tengram Capital Partners. Doe and Mark remain passionately invested in the brand and know the label will continue to expand globally with the same unique vision and energy from which it was created.

Today, Poppy Angeloff is their new baby, and there’s more to this incredible story. Doe and Mark will be welcoming a baby girl in September. The first-time parents are beyond thrilled and full of joy. It’s a lot to juggle, but Doe becomes inspired by everything that touches her life, and her precious infant daughter will bring new love and laughter to their days and nights. She and Mark are ready to begin a new chapter on their everchanging journey.

Poppy Angeloff already has its own Instagram account and growing fan base in the thousands. Doe and Kat are building momentum and magic for the new line appearing soon. At the moment, Poppy Angeloff is available as an “Invisible Online Boutique” and only accessible to those with a key.

Doe is often asked advice for launching a company and keeping it succesfully afloat. She believes you have to find something you are really good at and have a strong passion for daily. Being fearless is another quality that entrepreneurs need a good dose of, and then, flying by the seat of your pants and not looking back will all serve you well.

Be in your power, but also be flexible, creative to the max, and do not fear change. If you fall down, brush yourself off, and get right back up.

It’s worked for Doe Deere, and it hasn’t failed her yet.

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