The Myth Of The Work-Life Balance

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For years, business magazines have written about and discussed to exhaustion the subject of work-life balance. The question is, however, whether it really exists and can be achieved or whether everyone is barely trying to make their work and after-work life make sense. Let us discuss how you might achieve this so-called balance and what you can do to improve it.

It is interesting that the concept of work-life balance distinguishes between work and life as two separate entities as if work is not part of one’s life. This is one of the biggest red flags in terms of the myth of the work-life balance. Instead, it might be of more benefit to think of it as one whole entity – your life – in which you need to create space for work.

Life is not just about working

Even though you might work many hours a week, it is important to remember that work is not everything – even though you might love your job to bits. Taking time outside of work to wind off, with a good game at for example, can be one of the ways to get your mind off things.

If you are the betting type, you might enjoy a good game of football at the same as placing a bet on which team might win a particular game. Sometimes work-life balance simply means that you take the time to play a game here or there if that is what makes you happy.

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Life does not happen on a schedule

The concept of work-life balance suggests that life can happen on a schedule just like work most often can. But as anyone with children or other commitments will know, you cannot control what happens in your life or when it happens. That is why companies and workplaces would benefit from creating a looser structure in terms of where and when people work.

When anyone gives it just a moment’s thought, they will quickly realize that no human is like another – so why do we expect so many people to work in nearly the exact same way during the exact same time? Giving workers the flexibility to work from home or take “a day off” for inspiration, if that is relevant to the position, will benefit the individual as well as the workplace because the job will be accomplished in a more effective manner given the circumstances are optimized for the individual.

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It is more challenging to achieve balance in your daily life if you don’t like what you do. An enjoyable job makes it feel less like a job. So, it is worth considering whether you are working for love or money as this can have a hugely positive impact on your perception of the work-life balance. In fact, if you enjoy your work, you might experience a more seamless flow between the working hours and hours after work.

So, an essential piece of advice in searching for the so-called work-life balance – and to the extent that it is possible – is to find a job that you enjoy in the first place.

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