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Do I Really Need Help From a DUI Attorney?

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Driving under the influence or impaired driving are charges that can have a profound impact on your life. That’s especially true if those charges eventually lead to convictions. While you could represent yourself in court, that’s not the best idea. A better approach is to ask around and see if you can find a DUI attorney near me that will take the case. Here are some of the ways that the legal counsel will help.

Someone to Evaluate the Actions of the Arresting Officers

Just as you are bound to follow laws, the police are also bound to follow specific procedures before and during an arrest. You may not be aware of what those procedures happen to be, but you can bet that your attorney will know them backwards and forwards. That’s an important aspect of protecting your rights.

Your legal counsel can go over every detail of what was said and done. If anything is not in full compliance with current laws, that may be grounds for seeking a dismissal of the charges. If so, the case may never get as far as a courtroom.

An Attorney Can Help You Understand Applicable Laws

Laws related to driving under the influence or impaired driving are not something you’ve needed to look at closely in the past. Now they are quite important. The thing is that you’re not sure how to go about learning what the current laws happen to be or how they apply to your case. That’s another area where your legal counsel will make a difference.

An attorney can relate the circumstances of your case to all applicable laws. With that in mind, the legal counsel can explain to you how they relate to the case and what that means for the range of possible outcomes. Once you know all this, it’s easier to grasp what the severity of the situation.

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Creating a Realistic Defence

Preparing a defence is not something that you can do on your own. You simply lack the experience needed to structure the case and make a reasonable presentation in front of the court. By contrast, an attorney who practices in the area of DUI laws will know what needs to be done.

You can get a glimpse of how important experience and knowledge are by spending some time reading online testimonials and learning what attorneys can do for their clients. It won’t take long to see why you want legal counsel in the courtroom pleading your case.

Helping You Understand Court Procedure and Decorum

Spending time in a courtroom is not something you’ve done in the past. That leaves you unprepared for understanding how a court works or what you should do while in the presence of a judge. You can bet that your lawyer will help you have a good idea of court procedure and how you are to conduct yourself while the court is in session. Even little things like how you dress will be discussed.

The bottom line is that the last thing you want to do is represent yourself. Hire an attorney with a proven track record with DUI cases and the odds of achieving the best possible outcome are much higher.

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