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The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on jobs in Canada, just as it has had in many other countries all over the world.

 With COVID-19 proving an enemy that is exceptionally hard to defeat, a lot of people are having to consider an unexpected career change as a result of losing their jobs.

 It is a tough time out there but some positive signs are available. For example, newly released data shows the job market in Canada is recovering at a faster rate than in the United States.

 The figures show that Canada added some 378,000 jobs in September, which is likely to offer some degree of hope for people who are searching for new positions at this time.

 Here are some jobs for a new era that might be useful for people who are job-hunting right now.

App and Web Developers

 While software and web developers have been around for a long time, they are more in demand than ever.

 Some of the millions of Canadians who have lost their jobs already this year might find a career change into becoming a developer can be a very lucrative move as a result.

According to Randstad, developers of all types of specialties are needed at the moment. This is partly due to the rapid rise in online sales because of the coronavirus crisis, while some firms are using the opportunity, during a quiet period, to resurrect some of their bigger projects.

Learning a programming language is said to take around three to six months, depending on which one is chosen, so it might take some hard work – but it is likely to be well worth the effort.

Video Gaming Design Programmer

Working with online casinos

With a lot of casinos in Canada closing down due to the financial impact of COVID-19, many people are choosing to play games like slots, poker and roulette via the internet instead.

This has meant online casinos are booming with the sector one of the few to have seen growth over the course of the year as a result.

Jobs at online casinos are likely to be available and the industry has many opportunities that people may not even think of, such as working with an affiliate.

Popular Canadian online casino guide, CasinosCA, had this to say: “Working with online casinos is a great choice now, with plenty of open positions available across the industry. A shift to online casinos has been expected for some time, with COVID-19 the trigger for a major change.”

Health and social care

While jobs in social care and health are not exactly new, they have to be mentioned here.

There are perhaps more roles across the sector available right now than ever before, with the industry struggling to keep pace with rising demand for services due to COVID-19.

Of course, working in health and social care is not going to be suitable for everyone. But many people will find that they have transferable skills that can be useful in this type of job.

It is also worth pointing out that health and social care jobs are some of the most future-proof positions that are out there on the market. These positions will always be needed so, while the pay may sometimes be surprisingly low, there are likely to always be jobs on offer.

nurse doctor disease

Jobs in technology

Rapidly evolving technology continues to create jobs during the coronavirus crisis, while many businesses embracing a new way of operating online have opened up new opportunities too.

Even people who do not think that they are particularly technologically savvy will find that they have skills that can be transferred to jobs across the sector.

Project and programme management abilities will be very handy in the world of tech, as an example, while others who thrive due to having many languages or strong communication skills could be in demand as well.

Technology jobs are available across all types of sectors, such as in healthcare. Data scientists and similar roles like infection tracing specialists are booming at the present time.

Looking for a new job is always stressful and the current financial climate poses a unique set of challenges, but taking on new jobs for a new era can help to give people a fresh lease of life.

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