Packing List For A Winter Trip To Europe

Packing for a winter trip has the potential to be very overwhelming, especially when you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been before and you don’t quite know what to expect. Europe, especially, is one of those places that’s hard to pack for: encompassing so many different climates and landscapes, it can difficult to know what you might need when traveling through.

winter trip to europe

You can easily find yourself getting stressed about anything from what lotion to bring to the best socks to take. When packing for a trip in general, it is important that you find a good balance between packing too much and not enough – certainly, you want to avoid over-packing, lest you incur some pricey baggage fees and a bad back. To avoid getting overwhelmed, a good idea would be to be efficient and focus on the essentials.

Here is a list of essentials you will need for your trip:

  • Jacket: Of course you’ll want to find something that’s warm but also comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Depending on how long your trip is – and depending on if you’re feeling extra fashionable – you may want to bring two.
  • Scarf: This one is actually optional, but it won’t hurt to pack at least one scarf for extra coziness, just in case. Worst case scenario though is that, if you find you need one whilst in Europe, you pick one up while you’re there. They do make great scarves, after all.
  • Long Sleeve Tops (including sweaters): Long sleeve tops, especially those made of Merino wool, are perfect for ensuring you retain warmth even after you take your jacket off.
  • Short Sleeve T-shirts: Short sleeve t-shirts are good to have especially on the day(s) that you decide to stay in. Even if you don’t have any stay-in days, short sleeve t-shirts are one of those “just in case” items.
  • Cozy Pyjamas: for a goodnight’s sleep of course, though these are ultimately optional (some people prefer sleeping in the buff!)
  • Comfortable Socks: The best socks to take on your adventure are socks that are made of warm, breathable, and comfortable material, such as merino wool, for all day wear.
  • Hats: Depending on how long your trip is, it might be a good idea to pack at least one hat, since you’ll want to keep you head and ears warm too.
  • Boots: You’ll want to pack a couple of pairs of snow boots. Even if it isn’t snowing at the time of your trip, snow boots are good for keeping your feet warm.
  • Blanket: This one is optional too, but it wouldn’t hurt to have your own personal blanket. Who knows, you’ll probably need it on the ride there and back.

packing list to backpack europe
In conclusion, these are the basic essentials that you’ll need for your winter trip. Of course you’ll also want to keep in mind the length of your trip, so that you don’t under pack. Remember to be efficient and organized to avoid getting overwhelmed. Also, try to pack up to a week early so you’ll have time to think about the things you do and/or don’t need.

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