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Our Paradise Island Photoshoot In Tobago: Beachwear Edition

Get Ready For the Beach!

Photographer: James White | Stylist: Jayne Rae
Models (as well as regular Faze writers/columnists): GirlzTV Hosts  Sara Cauchon & Joy Olimpo, Teens Dating Host Rob Brunner, Faze Editorial Assistant Maya Chendke

Shades of Pink

Our team spent the day hanging out at Tobago’s iconic Pigeon Point Beach, one of many beautiful beaches around the island.

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot

Rob is wearing: Quiksilver, Tee $30.00, Quiksilver, Boardshorts $65.00
Sara is wearing: Powder Room, Hailey Halter Tankini Kiss $49.99, Powder Room, Madison Wrap Skirt Feisty Stripe $29.99, Melissa Collection, Flip Flops $19.99
Maya is wearing: Powder Room, Courtney Triangle Slider Bikini White Sketch $44.98, Bluenotes, Boardshorts $24.50, Bluenotes, Flip Flops $12.50
Joy is wearing: Roxy, Tube Top, $38.00, Powder Room, Kristyn Bikini Kiss Gingham $44.99, Roxy, Trucker Hat $35.00, Sketchers, Heatwaves Tropics Flip Flops $45.00

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot

Hues of Blue…Surf’s Up!

When the surf’s up, Mount Irvine Bay in Tobago has some of the best surfng in the Caribbean, so we weren’t surprised when we realized the Roxy surf team was there for the week as well.

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot - Mount Irvine Bay

Sara is wearing: Powder Room, Amy Halter Bikini Glow Stripe, $44.98, Powder Room, Sandbar Boardshorts, Dry, White Combo, $ $44.99, Rider, Flip Flops, $34.99, Ardène, Number 3 Necklace, $7.99
Rob is wearing: Rip Zone, Boardshorts, $29.99 Quiksilver, Tee, $40.00
Joy is wearing: Alanaberry Tanthrough Sunsuit, $110.00, Roxy Ruffled Mini, $55.00, Melissa Collection Flip Flops, $19.99, Ardène Beaded Bracelets, 6 @ $5.99 ea.
Maya is wearing: Jean Machine, White Mesh Rubber Doll Hoodie, $39.95, Roxy, Bikini, $110.00, Skechers, Spinners Charm Flip Flops, $55.00

Enjoying the Local Cuisine

One thing Trinidad & Tobago is well-known for, in addition to its calypso and soca music, is its delicious food! Local beachside stalls offer some of the best the island has to offer, lovingly made by caring hands. When you’re there try the specialties, Crab & Dumpling, Doubles, Shark ‘n’ Bake, Chicken Roti. And wash it down with a cold Carib Shandy or pear-flavoured PearDrax, our faves.

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot - Store Bay

Rob is wearing: Billabong, Hurricane Season Boardshorts, $70.00, Quiksilver, Tank, $36.00
Sara is wearing: Billabong, Iggy Bikini, $47.50 Billabong, Patti Matching Mini, $36.00
Maya is wearing: Roxy, Bikini, $115.00, Roxy, Shorts, $55.00, Roxy, Trucker Hat, $35.00
Joy is wearing: Powder Room, Paige Dress White Hula, $54.98

Enjoying the Sun Set with the Jet Set – Golden Hour on Paradise Island

Another beautiful day in paradise ends with a stunning tropical sunset, which means it’s time to get ready for dinner, and nightlife! But that’s a whole new story…

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot - Pigeon Point

Sara is wearing: Powder Room, Pinky Dress Glow, $49.99
Grant (local hottie who subbed in for Rob) is wearing: Quiksilver, Boardshorts, $65.00, Quiksilver, Tee, $40.00
Joy is wearing: Powder Room, Kristyn Bikini – Glow Gingham, $44.99, Bluenotes, Tube Top—National Velvet, $19.50
Maya is wearing: Powder Room, White Laylo Skirt, $24.99, Powder Room, Gossip Tank, Glow/Feisty, Kiss, White, $24.99, Ardène, Wristband, $4.99

Tobago: Faze Caribbean Beachwear Photo Shoot - Pigeon Point

Sara is wearing: Billabong, Bikini, $47.50, Guess, Mini Skirt, $85.00
Rob is wearing: Quiksilver, Boardshorts, $65.00 Quiksilver, Tee, $40.00
Joy is wearing: Jean Machine, Tank Top, $24.99 Jean Machine, B-Wear, White Ruffle Mini, $34.95
Maya is wearing: Alanaberry, Sunsuit, $110.00, Powder Room, Flash Short — Baileys, $44.99, Jean Machine, Belt, $24.95, Ardène, Beaded Necklaces, 5 @ $8.99 each, Sketchers, Kauai Heatwaves Flip Flops, $45.00

As seen in Faze Magazine, Issue #16

Avril Lavigne Faze Issue 16 cover

Read about and get inspired by the beautiful island of Tobago, it even inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe.

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