Patio Season Is Approaching: Are You Ready?

It’s finally one of the best times of year: patio season. As the weather warms up and we finally say goodbye to the last of the unexpected springtime snow flurries, we can look forward to spending time out on the patio this summer. To make the most of the warm weather and how you get to enjoy it in your home, there are a few things that you’ll have to tackle to clear out the winter debris and spruce up your outdoor space.

patio season

It’s finally time to tackle your outdoor to-do list and revitalize your house this spring with the upgrades you need to make the most of summer. Along with the plenty of home maintenance items you have to tackle like cleaning the gutters, sweeping the walkways, and checking the air conditioner, it might be time to upgrade your entryway systems to newer and more efficient models.

It’s time to replace that squeaky sliding door, clean your windows, and get ready to allow a breeze to flow through you home during those warmer months. Not sure where to start with getting your house ready for spring? We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the most important household places to hit during your spring cleaning. Let’s begin.

Clean Your Screens

Finally. The weather is good enough that you can throw open your windows and ventilate all the stale, winter air out of your home. But before you let in the spring breeze, take a look at the state of your window screens. They might be dusty and dirty, which will basically defeat the purpose of letting in fresh air.

To clean your screens, you should remove them from your window completely and use a hand vacuum to clear away any loose debris or cob webs. To give them an extra good cleaning, water them down with your garden hose after applying a gentle soapy water cleaner to them. Let them dry in the sun before popping them back in your window frames.

Improve Your Home’s Natural Light

For the best entertaining experience for when it’s finally time to have guests over to enjoy the sun and your patio, check to see if your current window and door arrangement is maximizing the natural light in your home. To make the indoors feel like the outdoors for optimal flow between home and patio, consider installing new windows that allow for plenty of light flow.

A new bay window or strategically-placed skylight can make a huge difference on the feel of your home. Your guests are sure to notice and you’ll also be improving your home’s efficiency with new window models that do better to insulate. You might also want to consider replacing outdated sliding patio doors with newer models that are easier to operate and allow for plenty of natural light, too.

Basic Landscaping and Clean Up

If you have flower beds near your windows or shrubs that grow near the exterior of your home, you should inspect and tidy up those areas to eliminate any potential damage to your home. Flower beds underneath windows, for instance, might be collecting water that could be causing damage to your window frames.

You could also take this time to check to see if any wildlife has made itself comfortable near your home. Clear out any potential nesting areas to avoid damage to your window frames and entryways while also sprucing up your home’s curb appeal. The summer weather is always short-lived. Make to prepare your home for the warm months ahead with a go-getter attitude to spring cleaning and household updates.

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