Planning To Visit The Philippines? Money-Saving Travel Tips To Follow

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Going to the Philippines for a vacation is a truly excellent choice. The country is blessed with a plethora of tropical islands and countless beautiful beaches unlike any other you will find elsewhere in the world. And it’s no secret that the people there are also very warm and inviting, so chances are you’ll have a great experience.

Usually, planning to go for a vacation in another country demands a lot of resources. You need to budget for a flight, food, hotels and accommodation, and a host of other issues. But what if you’re keen to travel but don’t have enough money?

To help you out we’ve outlined a few money-saving tips for your trip to the Philippines below.

Check the Seasons

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According to research done by Lonely Planet, booking a hotel room between the months of June and September in the Philippines can save about 20 to 40% on hotel fees.

If you’re wise you’ll take advantage of this and travel to the Philippines without sinking your bank balance, or you can look for a condo for rent in Quezon city to save even more.

Festive or Holy Weeks

If you really want to cut down costs during your stay in the Philippines, it is best book your trip outside of Holy Week or any other religious festivals. The citizens of the country are mostly catholic and so during the festive time, the demand for flights, transport, and hotels is super high.

Visiting this country during New Year, Easter Holidays, and Christmas can be more expensive so if you are travelling on a budget you may want to look at alternative dates.


Book flights well ahead of time and be flexible on the dates you choose

When you book early you qualify for better deals. In the Philippines, there are close to a thousand livable islands. So your dream of traveling by helicopter from one island to the next will likely happen more than once. Booking well ahead of time with flexible dates will guarantee that you save more money in your pocket.

General Travel Rules

Generally, some people don’t buy travel insurance at all trying to save costs, but if something happens they’ll live to regret it. The best way to manage this situation is to get a travel credit card that grants you travel insurance for free. That way you’ll be covered for any problems like trip cancelation difficulties or lost baggage or any medical needs that may come up, without paying an additional fee.

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More importantly, even though using a credit card during your travels can offer you much-needed convenience, it is possible for you to incur unneeded charges. For example, you will accumulate foreign transactions costs of almost 3% when you utilize your card abroad in any country including the Philippines, so rather find a credit card with no administrative fees on every foreign currency purchase. In addition, you will also be charged withdrawal fees when you withdraw cash from ATMs overseas, so stop that by carrying lots of petty cash in your physical wallet.

Make your trip to the Philippines one to remember, not one you want to forget.

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