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Power Dressing: 4 Accessories Every Girl Needs For The Ultimate Business Look

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Have an important interview coming up or a big presentation to give and stressing about how to prepare? Fear not. We recently laid out some top tips for how to easily ace an interview, and today we will investigate in a little more depth about how you can dress to impress. We all know that when we look and feel good we naturally radiate confidence. That’s why it’s so important to come up with an outfit that not only matches the dress code of your event, but that gives you an attitude ready to tackle anything and mean serious business.

Give Any Outfit Extra Impact

Power dressing isn’t about wearing the most expensive clothes in the room. Rather, it’s a way of presenting a message about yourself through your choice of outfit. Whether you’re creatively minded or acutely analytical, you can show your personality while carrying a sense of authority and self-assurance wherever you go. This means that no matter whether you are working in a casual office environment where everyone is in jeans or a strictly traditional industry where a suit is de rigueur, you can stand out while still fitting in.

Accessories are the perfect way to imperceptibly alter the level of sophistication of an outfit, transforming an otherwise forgettable ensemble into something refined and chic. Equally, they can add a splash of much needed color to a monotone palette, making sure you stand out from the crowd. However, you need to be careful to strike a balance with your accessories: use a variety of subtle items for a sophisticated look or one statement piece that demands attention and shows you to be a woman of confidence and daring.

There are four key types of accessory that every woman should consider using to complete their girl boss look. We’ve come up with some key looks to put together for the ultimate office “wow” factor.

Luxury Neck Scarves

Accessories Hermes Scarf French Girl

No matter whether it’s the dead of winter or the height of summer, a scarf can be used to adapt your outfit in various ways. A pashmina is luxurious and simple, with quality cashmere strands offering both warmth and sophistication. Pair it with a smart coat or jacket to keep the chill off your neck without the bulk of a regular scarf while on-the-go. Once at your meeting, you can wear it loosely off your shoulders or draped around the neck. During the warmer months, tuck a silk scarf into a sweater or wear it over a plain top in homage to the iconic Hermès-styled tradition. Adding a plush texture and pop of pattern to otherwise simple ensembles, this eye-catching and timeless addition instantly upgrades any outfit.

Classy Jewelry

Omega Watch Girl accessories

Jewelry has gone hand in hand with women’s dressing since the dawn of time. Earrings draw attention to the shape of your face, while a necklace accentuates your neck and shoulders. In a professional environment, it’s best to steer clear of wearing any large or flashy earrings, as they can be distracting when people are trying to focus on your face and what you’re saying. Instead, a colorful necklace can brighten up an otherwise drab outfit. For the ultimate professional impact, pick a classic wristwatch that offers both practical and stylish appeal. An Omega is a good option for women, but anything from Rolex or Cartier is also a solid choice.

Tidy Belts

Belts accessories

Regardless of whether you are opting for tailored trousers, a skirt or structured dress, wearing a belt is not only a practical inclusion but can add a more tailored look to your outfit. By nipping your clothes in at the waist you can define your figure in a sophisticated way. Opt for a chunky patent waist belt or a slim leather strap to fit with the style of any look. Not only can a belt offer a new color tone to your ensemble, but a more professional polish too.

Classic Handbag

classic handbag accessories

You can hone your outfit to perfection but if you have a worn out old bag over your arm, the effect will be ruined. Whether it’s a small clutch, cross-body, or structured tote, your bag sets the tone for the rest of your clothes. Keep it monochrome or introduce a shock of color; however you choose to wear it, remember that your bag should always stay aligned with your other items. Try to match the fabric, pattern, base hue or accent color to at least one other element you are wearing. This will make sure you don’t end up with too much going on, and the overall impression is still dead-on professional.

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