The Growing Presence Of Women In Online Gaming

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In recent years the number of women in the gaming industry has increased. Companies have begun trying to expand their brand and start new franchises by creating games which also appeal to a female audience. Studies have proven that women are very active and growing amongst the gaming audience. Certain research in the last few years has also shown that women are starting to better male gamers, it has also been found that 70% of women are playing mobile games whilst only 66% of men are playing mobile games. Women spend 25% more time than men on mobile games which underlines this trend. Women play a larger variety of games, as well as beginning to exhibit a growing interest in game development. Nowadays, there is nothing holding women back from exceeding in the gaming industry.

International pro gaming competitions offer tempting prizes as well as monetary prizes for both genders. Women face stereotypes in the gaming industry, such as women only playing to impress guys or gain attention. Many women not only play to prove how good they are, but also aim to prove that they are good enough. Women are trying to be seen as equal in the world of gaming, which is a place that has always been dominated by men. Testimony of this is the lack of female characters in games and the few that are overly sexualised to appeal to a male audience.

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Women are also joining in the online gambling scene; with the most common games preferred by females being slots, lotteries and bingo. Online casino Unibet has already noticed this trend, and identified certain games being more appealing to the fairer sex. A very popular online slot game for women is Starburst which offers players free spins. Based on interviews conducted in the UK, female gamers now consist of 52% of gamers. The large increase in gamers has also largely depended on the advancement of technology which now gives everyone access to countless games and online casino services on the go.

Furthermore, due to the growing diversity in the gaming industry, women have begun to challenge for more leadership roles and try to bring about change. This inspires young women and helps them realise that they are capable of achieving anything; it helps them leave a mark on the industry as well as empower female players, developers and managers. It’s no secret that various industries benefit largely from diversity in the workplace and that does not exclude the gaming industry.

Gaming brings women from all around the world together and despite their busy daily lives, they look to online gaming as a way to relax and relieve stress. It has been seen that 60% of women have stated that they feel a lot better when playing games. Having females in more dominant and influencing roles creates room for development and creates opportunities for more diverse games to be introduced. Thus, this growing female presence in the gaming industry can be argued is being helped by women being more included in decisions which have a huge impact on the business.

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