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The Psychology Behind Why Women Gamble

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Gambling can be quite exciting, especially for people who turn to it to get out of the stress and frustration of their daily lives. While women may enjoy the excitement and glamour of casinos, the mindset leading down the rabbit-hole of compulsive gambling can be quite different. Gambling is quickly becoming an epidemic, particularly among young people. Gambling is a habit that is addictive and difficult to control for most people. People gamble for several reasons, but the most prominent reasons is due to the financial gains attached to it and the emotional relief it offers.

Men have long been more active in gambling and betting, but the past few decades have seen more women partaking in this activity. The rise in women’s participation in gambling has triggered many theories.

To get a vivid understanding of these phenomenal disruptions in the gambling identity, we have to look at some vital facts responsible for this. We must therefore analyze the reasons behind this rise in gambling among women. This post highlights the psychological reasons for increased participation in gambling among women.

The Psychology of Gambling

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Several psychological processes frequently serve to increase addiction for most gamblers. Gambling addiction has the same effect as drug addiction, according to neuroscience. High expectations of winning have led many gamblers to “loss chasing,” where they continue to play to make up for their losses. Loss chasing is akin to a drug abuse disorder, and when the chance to gamble is denied, most gamblers experience withdrawal symptoms.

Research data on women’s gambling

Since gambling has hitherto been male saturated, not much research concerning women’s behavioral patterns and preferences in gambling has been carried out. Even some research that attempted to analyze why and how women gamble failed because men who had little or no knowledge about women’s gambling mostly carried them out.

Women gamble for many reasons, and the reasons may be the same as that of men or, in some cases, be at variance. Before we get into more details about the psychology of why women gamble, let’s talk about gambling sites. These sites provide access to gamble online. For women who love to gamble, the best online casinosites can be found here. These sites contain information on different types of casino games, how to play them etc. They also have slots, card games, free joining bonuses etc.

The most acceptable research on why women gamble were conducted by Samantha Thomas, a psychologist and a researcher from Deakin University, Australia. Her research cut across various interests and preferences of women in gambling and how women react to losses in gambling.

Psychology: Why women Gamble

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Emotional support

For many women sufferings from emotional issues such as heartbreaks, loss of loved ones, and disappointment, gambling has become a point of call to escape from this reality that may want to take their happiness away. It provides a temporary illusion of escape from life’s challenges and offers temporary rays of hope.


Gambling can be a sure source of joy for people looking for ways to spend their time away from work. Most women find themselves happy in social groups where casinos and card games are played at night. Aside from seeking fun, they discuss with other people, share their challenges, and make new connections.

The need to get away from it all

Most women are generally reserved and tend to hide stress and displeasure. Most women suffering from one issue have taken to gambling to escape reality despite the financial and psychological consequences they may suffer.

Loneliness and Boredom

Loneliness and boredom were two major concerns, and most women gamblers have reported feeling lonely as the reason for gambling. Those who become bored while playing are likewise more vulnerable.

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Finally, it is undeniable that women and men gamble for different reasons and more women tend to gamble for the emotional benefits they may extract from it. Women, in general, have a different approach to betting and gambling and how they react to wins and losses is also different.

This is not shocking because women respond differently to a lot of things, and it is mostly a matter of perspective. This post has done due diligence by highlighting some of the most popular psychological reasons why women take to gambling.

Problems with gambling can happen to anyone from any walk of life. The psychology of gambling for women bears certain similarities to men’s but is largely different. Gambling often starts from a harmless game with fun to an unhealthy obsession. No matter your reasons for gambling, you should always approach it with caution & seek a guiding hand when required.

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