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Questions To Ask When Meeting A Web Designer In Canada

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It’s important to get a great web designer to craft an e-commerce store or digital space for your business these days. But hiring the right web designer for your needs can be tricky. Let’s go over the key questions you should ask when meeting a web designer for the first time to determine if they’ll be a good fit.

What Deliverables Can You Provide?

Naturally, it’s important to hash out the details of any deliverables for a project before signing on the dotted line. The deliverables are all the things that a web design agency (or even an individual designer) is on the hook to provide by the project deadline.

It’s important to specify these deliverables and make sure that any web designer you’re interviewing can actually deliver on those objectives, before moving forward. This ensures that there isn’t any miscommunication on your part or theirs, so there won’t be any difficulties or hard feelings later during the project.

What’s the Timeline?

It’s also crucial that you hash out a timeline. After all, your business probably has a budget and a deadline for when your website needs to launch. Make sure that any web designer can actually meet your deadline needs before hiring them – some may have other projects on their plate or otherwise be unable to make your project work in time.

What Are Your Accreditations?

One way to really weed out subpar web designers and focus only on high-quality Toronto web designers is to ask about any accreditations or proof of capability they may have.

For example, the Ontario Association of Registered Graphic Designers or RGD is an association that professionally credits graphic designers in the industry. If a web design agency or designer has this accreditation, chances are they actually know what they’re talking about and went through plenty of schooling to get to where they are.

This isn’t to say that all web design agencies have to be accredited, but the best of the best usually will be.

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Do You Have Examples of Previous Jobs?

It’s also smart to take a look at a portfolio, if they have one (and they should). For example, if a company is being interviewed for making a restaurant website, it’s important to check if they’ve done something like that before.

Take a good look at any previous jobs or completed works from a web designer or agency – this can give you a good idea about what they actually produce and help you see if their style matches your own.

The last part is particularly important, as aesthetic tastes are largely subjective but are critical for capturing traffic from a particular customer base. These include things like site format, font, color, and style.

If a web designer doesn’t seem like they have aesthetic tastes close to your own, it may be a good idea to move on and look elsewhere. 

When selecting a web design Toronto firm, searching for a company that aligns with your goals and budget is essential. It’s also a good idea to ask for references and read reviews from past clients to ensure you make the right choice. But hiring the right web designer for your needs can be tricky.

What’s Your Revision Policy?

Be sure to ask about additional “fine print” details before signing any contract, such as a web designer’s revision policy. Some designers have really strict policies and won’t be interested in editing or revising their work multiple times without you paying additional money.

Others may have revision limits, such as one full website edit with the caveat that you provide an extended deadline. Any arrangement can work based on your needs and management style; just be sure that both parties know what’s going on before you hire any web designer.

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How Closely Will We Work?

Lastly, inquire as to how closely a web designer once you work with them. Some web designers prefer to get feedback regularly, while others will prefer to send sparse communications until the project is completed. Some web designers will work more with your style, while others may be a mismatch.

All in all, asking each of the above questions during your interview with a web designer should help you determine if they’re a good match for your company.

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