Reasons Why A Cruise Might Be The Best Vacation Choice For You

Ahoy there! Let’s talk cruise ships! We know they’re out there (it’s an almost 50 billion dollar industry) but our millennial cohort is largely ignoring what is generally perceived as a vacation option for grandparents. From your Instagram browsing over the last year you probably didn’t see a lot of your favourite influencers or friends posing on a massive cruise ship. However, that’s starting to change, as Gen X and millennial crowds are slowly catching on to the many pros of life at sea, and the word is starting to spread. The major cruise ship companies are also beginning to make major efforts to reach younger audiences, and provide the amenities, activities and experiences that will wow them.

For those of you considering a cruise for the first time, here are some of the many reasons why a modern cruise may be the perfect vacation getaway for you, at any time of the year.

It’s surprisingly easy to plan and book a cruise

cruise ship

Cruise vacations seamlessly combine many aspects of a vacation into one package. Your cruise is both your accommodation, your destination to destination transportation, your food and beverages, your entertainment and more. All wrapped into one, often all-inclusive, booking. Once you’ve settled on a region of the globe to visit, and the right cruise line to match your tastes and budget (and all that can be fun actually) it’s a relatively stress-free way to plan a vacation. You may find, as many people do, that it’s so easy you may not want to book a fully land-based foreign trip again. And once you’re aboard the ship, all the logistics of your trip are taken care of, so you get to relax and enjoy fully.

You get to visit multiple destinations, but only need to unpack once

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There is something very relaxing about settling into your luxury cabin and making it your home for the duration of your vacation. Meanwhile, your floating hotel takes your from port to port, whether it’s from St. Lucia to Aruba, or Barcelona to Monaco to Athens. No packing up everything, checking out of your hotel, and taking a plane, train or automobile to your next destination, checking in and unpacking again, and then doing it over and over with each new place you visit. On a ship and when visiting new ports, you can spend your time actually enjoying yourself.

A dazzling array of entertainment options: Live music, circus shows, casinos, nightclubs and more

cruise ship circus act
Almost anything you can think of in terms of a night out on the town, you’ll probably find it on a cruise. You will always find a nice collection of bar, lounges and nightclubs aboard any ship. Add to that live music performances, Broadway plays and musicals, movies, and even circuses (including Cirque du Soleil on MSC Cruises).  Most ships have rotating themed parties happening every night during your stay.

The modern cruise ship wouldn’t be complete without a classy, modern casino where you can spend a little time imagining you’re in Vegas or Monte Carlo. Make the most of your experience, win or lose, by learning a few of the games ahead of time. You can play around a bit online for free or minimal amounts to get the hang of it, we used the list of online casinos sites here.

You can fit in an exhilarating variety of experiences

norwegian bliss cruise ship go karting

When you’re cruising you can literally visit a different island, city or even country every day. When you’re in port you can go off and experience an endless variety of activities with your ship as your home base. Visit waterfalls, wineries, secluded beaches, museums, famous landmarks, or restaurants, or even friends you may know there. You’re only limited by your budget, time and imagination.

Back on the ship, you’ll have more things you can do to have fun and enjoy life. Depending on the ship, look out for daily pool parties, go-karting, mini golf, water-parks, gyms, spas, open-air yoga, bowling alleys, rock climbing and rappelling walls, shoppes, and more. Not to mention the stunning view of the ocean and the islands or shorelines you’ll be taking in all week long.

Cruises can be fabulous value for your vacation dollars

Most cruises are all or partly all-inclusive, allowing you to set your budget in advance and have all your food, beverage, entertainment and activity costs taken care. Your special trips at the port destinations can be booked and prepaid so you can again control your costs and avoid any surprises.

If you’re flexible, and you should be, there are great deals on cruises that you can pounce on when available. Whether low season sales or incredible last minute offers, you should always be able to find good discounts that rival anything you could at a land-based resort. And keep in mind some of the destinations you’ll visit on the cruise would be prohibitively expensive if you actually had to book a hotel there (think Monaco, Cannes or Barcelona).

cruise ship monaco

The truth is millennials are actually already becoming an increasingly important segment of the cruise ship clientele, but are selecting cruises that satisfy their particular needs, be it a smaller regional cruises, mostly kids-free cruises, or themed party cruises.  When you’re planning your next big vacation, instead of an all-inclusive resort or multi-destination, multi-hotel land itinerary, take a good look at exploring the world by sea. Try it once and you may permanently make cruising a regular option in your vacation repertoire.

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