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How to Reduce Sinus Pain and Congestion in Winter

Winter Beauty Tips Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is an extremely common affliction once the winter hits. More than 3 million Canadians experience uncomfortable sinusitis symptoms every year, and these include nasal congestion, soreness in the sinuses, dry nose, and other un-pleasantries.

Sinus infections are not always caused by weather changes, but the cold air and atmospheric pressure change are often a trigger. Avoid the sinus agitation as much as possible and consider the following tips on how to do just that.

Home Maintenance

Allergies are the main source of sinus pain and the second leading cause is the common cold, which can often turn into a sinus infection.

When you keep the air in your home clean and maintained, both allergies and the risk of catching a cold can be prevented.

A great idea is to repair your furnace and have it checked out by a professional at the beginning of the winter. Find a licenced cooling and heating contractor that offers maintenance and repair services 24-hours a day.

Your furnace might have an issue with its filters or other parts of the unit, so it’s best to have it assessed by an experienced technician.

With regular furnace cleaning and maintenance, you’ll eliminate any harmful dirt, dust, and other particles that can aggregate allergies and other health issues. A professional contractor can clean or remove old, dirty filters so that you can breathe fresh, clean air and avoid harmful particles.

You don’t want dirty, stale air circulating your home. Dust mites, moulds, and pet dander can cause sinus symptoms all year long. Get right to the source and have your furnace repaired by an expert.

Invest in a Humidifier

If you experience dryness at home such as dry skin, dry nose, or sinus pain a central humidifier may be the best solution.

A home humidifier is a device that is hard-wired into your already existing air HVAC system. It will increase the moisture levels in your home’s air circulation.

Today, several homes are too tightly sealed and don’t allow enough moisture in to maintain a comfortable level of humidity.

A furnace humidifier can easily create that much-needed moisture back into your home, and help to rid dry air that can attribute to sinus pain.

Try a Neti Pot

The nasal irrigation system called the neti pot comes from the ancient Ayurveda yoga tradition in India and has been used for centuries as relief of nasal congestion and sinus problems.

The instrument allows a saline solution to be poured into the nasal passages, irrigating them to soften and loosen mucus. They can be found at almost any drugstore, health food store, and nutrition centres.

It’s very important to remember to follow the exact instructions and to only use sterile, pre-boiled, cooled, or distilled water in the neti pot.

Sinus pain is a real problem, particularly once the winter months come around. Be sure to get a professional check-up of your furnace and HVAC system, maintain enough moisture in your home, and to try self-healing methods such as the neti pot.

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