Reviewed: Frostpunk On the Edge

Frostpunk On the Edge

Developer and Publisher: 11-bit studios
Genre: economic strategy, adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Mac OS
Minimum system requirements: Win 7 64, 2GHz 2-core processor, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon R7 370 with 2GB, 8GB hard drive space
Recommended: 3.2GHz 4-core processor, 8GB RAM, GeForce 960 or Radeon RX 570
Age rating: 17+

Little by little is good – this is the business model chosen by the authors of Frostpunk. Little by little and the game was overgrown with maps and scenarios. On the Edge completes the lifeline of the original strategic hit Frostpunk.

When the Blizzard died down

Following the events of the original Frostpunk campaign, New Londoners discover a treasure – a giant abandoned warehouse of steel and steam cores. Our task is to lead the outpost and arrange supplies, but soon the metropolis begins to freak out, and we have to raise the flag of independence.

The plot in-game is pretty bad in comparison to the original Frostpunk. The crackling telegraph in the new administrative building does not answer why yesterday’s associates are acting like a pig. Their scouts do not undertake to look into the capital. A glance is not about On the Edge at all, the game has completely slipped into a text quest, sometimes accompanied by art. Geez, it’s much more interesting to play at the best online casino Casinonic in any slot game, than playing trough the On the Edge campaign.

The economic part seems to be deliberately unbalanced to provoke mistakes. Half of the technologies are frankly superfluous, and having spent resources on them you will have to regret. Why upgrade the sawmill when you can see right away: the area is not rich with wood? And vice versa: there is already a surplus of coal; there is no need to improve its production. There are also few new buildings in On the Edge, and certainly not nearly as close to production chains as in Last Autumn. The face of the game – a heat generator – is absent at the outpost, but the resourceful British make do with small stoves (Why? No one will tell you).

Frostpunk On the Edge

On the verge of marasmus

Closer to the finale, the plot makes a mediocre twist, which saves it a bit from failure. The classic “pay-or-risk” choice has always worked in Frostpunk, but here is script arbitrariness, and no sense of responsibility for your deeds made along with the game.

A lot of advantages of the game did not find a place in the addon. Starting with the balance of space and warmth that was once the core of the game and ending with the Tree of Laws which has completely withered from this add-on. In short, there is no replay value in On the Edge DLC.

Moreover, there is no drama – it simply does not ripen on such roughly cultivated soil. The story that human quarrels are more dangerous than cataclysms or the ability to forgive – you won’t get it here. Here you will learn about the advantages of live communication with the help of the telegraph…


After playing On the Edge, I want to re-play the original New Home campaign to remember the epicness of Frostpunk. Since this add-on is a complete waste of time and overall garbage product. I do not recommend to play On the Edge DLC.

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