Ridiculously Cute Inverted Bob Haircuts For 2019

There are various types of bobs. But the question is; have you ever taken time to know what differentiates one bob from the other. For instance, what is the difference between an inverted bob and an A-line bob? The distinguishing feature between these two types of bobs is the technique employed in creating them.

If you don’t know how an inverted bob is created, it is all about stacking layers at the back and subtle curved lines proceeding to the front. You can also allow the strands at the front cascade to the shoulder length if you need a dramatic appearance. We have chosen some of the great ways to style an inverted bob. Continue reading and choose the one that impresses you most and take it to your stylist. These styles are not only low-maintenance but ultra-stylish.

#1 Messy Inverted Bob

One thing you will discover about this inverted bob is that it is simple in style, especially when you approach it from the back. Go messy by using texturizer and moose to give an entire look some wet look and rock fun days out on the beach!

inverted bob hairstyle
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#2 Long Bob with Layers

So, how much is this haircut layered? This style works like magic with long hair because all those layers accentuate your facial features excellently. As a bonus, this hairstyle is ridiculously easy to style and maintain.

inverted bob hairstyle
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#3 Curly Bob for Women with Fine Hair

When your inverted bob appears limp, and you are in a hurry, one of the excellent ways to add volume is by paying attention to the curls. A curly texture provides added fullness and thickness to the entire style.

#4 Dark Brown Textured Bob

An inverted bob is the best hairstyle for one length hair since the angled cut provides the much-needed dimension. Plus, it is super cute. You don’t need length to give the right statement. You can utilise your natural colour and texture and still get an inspiring haircut without going overboard.

inverted bob hairstyle

#5 Short Wavy Bob and Messy Top Layers

Maintain the view of the hair at the front as interesting as possible with stacked layers. If you need to add more texture, you might want to opt for varying lengths. You may also want to make the layers stand out by highlighting the tips with highlights. Finish the look with a pop colour for a striking finish.

#6 Two-Toned Bob

Do you need something bold, but not too exaggerated? Well, pair two-high contrast colours from the natural shades. For instance, you can select platinum blonde and deep brown combination. This is an amazing natural combo. Allow the hair to fall with an angled bob to reveal this stunning colour combo.

#7 Classy Stacked Bob and Blonde Balayage

The extended inverted bob is a gorgeous choice when you are growing out your short hair. You create a collar-sweeping style of long locks along with effortless maintenance of your short haircut. In case you are looking for something with an extra dimension, it is recommended to go for a blonde balayage.

inverted bob hairstyle
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#8 Inverted Bob for Oval Faces

Sometimes it is challenging for women with oval faces to get the right bob for their face shape. However, this bob seems like it was created for them. It incorporates light layers styled all around and the length is kept short to medium.

#9 Lush Style

Though this haircut looks great on women with thick locks, it can also flatter those with thin hair since the style itself manages to boost volume. To achieve this stunning look, you need to have medium length tresses as the base for your hairstyle, plus some courage to be able to rock dramatically angled bottom line that is defining a feature of this haircut.

#10 Jagged Bob and Blonde Ends

One universal thing about short haircuts is that they are cute and edgy. Including a cool balayage in this hairstyle gives you a relaxed and fresh vibe. Lightly curl the tips to give the haircut some movement and the needed texture. You can also choose to tousle it for a modern look.

#11 Nape Length Bob

Short inverted bobs can be sophisticated and chic. Layers are the main ingredients for these cuts since they help to balance the hair. This comes in handy, especially for ladies with thick hair. Choose dark roots to improve the depth of your bob.

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