Small Online Business Ideas For Women

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It can be difficult for women to break into the field of entrepreneurship, especially if they have to stay home to take care of children. Many women are breaking through this barrier by starting online businesses of their own based on their skills or hobbies. To achieve this, it is good to set up a personal website advertising the available services. Below are some ideas to try out that other women have tried in the past.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing, this is a flexible business idea in which you can work from home. Freelance writers will often find clients in the marketing, travel, and health care industries, among others. They will create content ordered by their clients and will usually charge per word written.


If you have a head for figures, it might be a possibility for you to start a bookkeeping company. You will be responsible for keeping track of the financial transactions of multiple companies. This could include purchases, sales, invoicing, payroll, and reconciliations.


Many clients look for people who can listen to an audio recording and write it out in text form. This is often used for subtitles or to create records of important conversations. Typically, clients will usually pay transcriptionists per audio hour.

Property Management

There is always the need for property managers, particularly for clients who own multiple buildings, because it can be hard to keep track of everything. Your tasks might involve calling to follow up on rent payments, order repair services, and respond to complaints.

Renting your property

Social Media Management

Companies or famous individuals are often too busy to attend to their social media accounts. They require someone to create posts, respond to comments, and promote their newest content. These types of tasks are important in boosting their image and staying in tune with their clients or fan base.

Fitness Coach

Even if you cannot leave the house frequently, you can help other people train virtually. You can do this by uploading workout videos and doing one-on-one video sessions with your clients.

How to Start Your Website?

Artistic Online Business Website

Now that you have an idea of some online businesses you could try, we will discuss how to get started online. First, you will register your domain name. This will enable clients to find you, so it should be a simple and memorable address. You will need to pay an accredited registrar to complete this step.

Next, you will need to find a company to provide web hosting for your website. You will likely be using WordPress as your website platform, as it is very user friendly. It is important to carefully consider which WordPress hosting plan you will choose because they all have different features.

Finally, you will design your website. This is the fun part, as you are creating the impression that you want your visitors to have of you. If you are not familiar with web design, it may be worth it to hire a designer to help you.

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