A Smile Is Worth Its Weight In … Palladium?

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Did you know that palladium is often used in dental restoration due to its natural resistance to corrosion as a noble metal? Did you know that palladium is currently more valuable than gold?

When you consider both of these factors together, it makes sense that your smile could be worth more than gold. Or at least a few parts of your smile might be worth more than gold, especially to a dentist that has worked hard to give you such a clean and healthy smile.

The Benefit to Dentists

If you’re a practicing dentist, you stand to cash in on this fact. Whether the smiles you work on contain palladium, gold, silver or platinum, you could stand to make substantial extra earnings for your practice by selling these metals to companies interested in buying dental scrap in Canada or wherever you might be located. Here’s some more information regarding what dental scrap is and where it can be sold to help you get started:

How Can I Earn Money on Dental Scrap?

The reason that you could earn more money is that there is often dental scrap leftover after restoration work is completed on a patient that already had previous restoration work. When components of prior restoration work need to be repaired or replaced, some of those prior materials are usually leftover as scrap. These materials may be minuscule, but they are also valuable due to the precious Nobel metals they contain, like palladium.

Claiming Your Dental Scrap

The dental scrap leftover from work on a single patient is too small an amount to be worth keeping or taking to a company that refines dental scrap for resale. Given this fact, most patients are usually happy to leave their dental scrap for the dentist to dispose of or use it as they please.

Accumulation to Create Value

When this is the case, as a dentist, you can keep that dental scrap to add it to your growing collection of valuable materials. Once you have obtained a substantial amount of dental scrap, you can find a company that can refine your dental scrap.

Such companies specialize in separating all of the materials in your dental scrap to isolate the valuable metals. These isolated metals can then be refined, resulting in a product that is valuable for resale and easy to sell. You could end up earning a significant amount of additional income yearly by collecting your dental scrap, whether it contains

  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Once you have decided to sell your dental scrap, it is critical that you find a company that is willing to provide you with a metals report. This will ensure that you get fair value for your scrap since it is impossible to determine the value of your dental scrap until you know what precious metals it contains.

Dentist Chair smile

As a professional dentist, the smiles you help keep healthy and beautiful are priceless. But that doesn’t mean that the scrap leftover from your work isn’t valuable. Get in contact with a dental scrap refining company today to get started on a lucrative new way to increase your earnings.

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