Solo Travel: How Can Women Feel Safe? 

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If you have been thinking about traveling as a party of one, you have probably thought about your safety in a foreign country. Unfortunately, not all people are kind and wish you well. Furthermore, some destinations have political or social unrest or are in militarily disputed territories, for example, Kashmir. Some countries have a high crime rate, e. g. parts of Brazil. Therefore, you should be prudent and consider some tips from the pros to ensure the level of safety you need to enjoy your travels to the fullest.

There is no sense in giving you a stack of useless advice such as “trust your gut” or “inspire other women who travel alone.” If you end up carelessly stumbling into a situation where you could get robbed, these tips will not help you. Consequently, here are ten useful pieces of advice you can put into practice.

Remember, the mother of all tips, research before you go! First and foremost, do your research. Learn all you can about a country you want to visit. It includes:

1. Mentality

Learn how people think and what they consider as moral and immoral. For example, it’s okay to eat dogs in China, but if you talk about eating dogs in Russia, people will think you are crazy. Learn what people mostly love to speak about to keep a conversation going with foreigners. For instance, the Brazilian identify themselves as a “football nation.” Therefore, it would help if you understand the history of football in Brazil and why it is such a passion for the people there.

2. Dress

You should know how people dress to avoid offending locals with your choices of attire, and attracting unwanted attention. For example, if you decide to wear shorts and a top in Dubai, be ready for possible rudeness from city locals. Keep in mind that Sharia is the first law in Arab countries, and customs can be very different to what you’re used to back home.

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3. Scams

Read up how scammers deceive tourists. If you know how you can lose your money, you will pay attention to the strange exploits of sellers. Also, if you know countries with a high level of scams, you will be very careful. E. g. Turkey is a country where sellers will try to sell you a product to the highest bidder.

4. Climate

Is it always hot or cold in a country? Or maybe your destination has a temperate climate? Learn it to know what to wear. For instance, people in Indonesia suffer from extreme heat to certain hours. They spend their time in water pools to cool down.

5. Political Situation

Does a country have a crisis? Is it a civil war? Answers to these questions help you to save yourself from wounds or even death. You should know about the so-called “disputed territories” to not come to such areas by accident.

We’ll repeat the need for doing proper research on a country you’re planning to visit because it’s the essential step to that sets you up for the safest experience in your chosen destination.

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6. Start Small

To avoid culture shock and fear of traveling alone, you can visit nearby cities, states, and villages because it takes less time than a journey to a foreign country. After this event, you can analyze what things you forgot to take with yourself. In addition, you will understand whether you want to travel alone or not. Your small trip can show that traveling as a party of one is just a sweet dream, and reality is too rough.

Baby steps can make you a professional solo traveler. Therefore you shouldn’t attempt the impossible and go to a foreign country immediately.

7. Make Copies of Your Passport

Print copies of your passport. They help you if it is lost or stolen.

Also, learn where the embassy of the country you live is. Write down the phone of the embassy. If you lose your passport or someone steals it, you have to address the embassy. If a country which you visit hasn’t an embassy, address the police.

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8. Get Travel Insurance

If your trip is already expensive, it’s very tempting to skip out on the insurance. But think about a situation when you get robbed. Or it’s not impossible that you can break a leg and get to a hospital. It’s okay when you have enough money to pay for treatment or buy stolen goods. But if not? If not, you can be deported.

To avoid problems with the police and the government, get travel insurance. You will go to a foreign country with your mind at peace.

9. Don’t Tell People Where You are Staying

When you’re filling a form, asking for direction, or making conversation, don’t tell where your hotel is. If you take a cab, choose a place near your hotel, not the hotel itself.

Don’t post photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram until you leave a place. For example, if you are in the Eiffel Tower, take photos and videos but wait to publish them. Go to another place and then add posts or stories.

Why should you do so? It’s okay to believe in human kindness, but not all people are kind. You don’t know why they ask where you’re staying.

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10. Don’t Arrive in a New Location at Night

Night flights are cheaper than day flights, but is it safe to arrive in an unfamiliar city at night? As you know, there is more crime when the streets are dark and empty. In addition, it’s easier to find your accommodation during the day. Also, if you consider it uncomfortable for you, you can find a new one.

You are responsible for your safety. Try these tips and be cautious in foreign countries. Before traveling, complete all your tasks. For example, you can order an essay if you’re weak in writing. To avoid choosing from hundreds of services, we recommend you to hire a reliable paper helper. This will help you stay focused on other significant activities.

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