How To Start Loving Your Body

It’s time that we start treating our bodies like a friend, not an enemy. Take some time to evaluate your relationship with your body and then use some of the tips below to find a little less criticism and a lot more love!


 1. Find Gratitude for Your Body

We tend to be our own worst critics and because of that, we spend more time putting our own bodies down rather than building ourselves up. Would you talk to your best friend the way you talk to your body? No. So why do we tell ourselves these things?

When we see the world through a lens of gratitude, our whole world transforms. Think of all the amazing things your body does for you every day.

Start by creating a gratitude jar. Each day, write down what you’re grateful for about your body and add it to your jar. Maybe it’s the way your cheeks puff up when you smile, or the way your strong legs carry you through a 5km run. When you’re having a down day (because yes, we all have them!), read the notes you’ve written in your gratitude jar as a reminder of how magnificent your body is.

Let’s all spend less time hating on our bodies, and more time saying thank you to them.

Gratitude Jar

2. Respect Your Body

Once you find gratitude for your body and realize that it is precious, you will notice that you actually want to start treating it like the temple that it is. Eating well, exercising and positive self talk will naturally start to happen.

Feeling guilty and ashamed isn’t a form of respect. So stay away from things that make you feel that way. Choose foods and activities that make you feel good about yourself and proud of your decisions.


3. Surround Yourself with People who Make You Feel Good

When you surround yourself with people who inspire you and who bring out your best self, you’ll notice that your emotions and mental state shift into a more positive, happier place. When we’re in this mindset, it’s easier to see the positives and you’re more likely to make good decisions for yourself and your body.

Do you need a friend detox? Just because a friend has been a big part of your past, doesn’t mean they need to be a part of your future. If a friendship causes you to feel negatively about yourself, it’s best for both of you to move on.

Get empowered. Surround yourself with people you admire and posses qualities you’d like to see in yourself. Invite new people into your life who are interested in health and regularly engage in activities that involve self love. If you want to spend more Saturdays at the market picking up fresh food followed by an afternoon yoga class, then find friends who are already doing this and tag along!


4. Looks Aren’t Everything

Lizzie Velasquez was once labeled “the Worlds Ugliest Woman”. In this TED Talk, she reminds us that we are so much more than our physical bodies. She is an inspiration because despite her physical disabilities, she maintains gratitude for her body and is able to see her self worth beyond her physical appearance. Lizzie reminds us that looks aren’t everything and that you can create your own definition of beauty and happiness.


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