Supporting Your Parents To Successfully Age In Place

Help Your Parents To Successfully Age In Place

One of the biggest benefits of aging in place is that older individuals get to maintain close relationships with their friends and family. 95% of Canadians aged 45 and over say they want to age in place. Most seniors need support to age in place successfully which is where you come in. As a loving and intelligent daughter, you can put things into place to make your parents’ lives easier that they may not have even thought of.

Good nutrition

Studies have found that up to 34% of seniors in Canada are at risk of malnourishment. Older people tend to avoid food shopping and cooking due to reduced mobility, pain, and loneliness. Seniors must eat well as it keeps them healthy, will ward off infections, and will give them energy. Support your parents by offering to do their food shopping for them or by dropping off meals for them a few times per week. Another option is to show them how to order their groceries online so they can be delivered to their door. You may even need to sign your parents up for your local Meals on Wheels service. They’ll drop meals off at your parents’ door that will fill them up and keep them healthy.

Technology for safety & security

Crimes against seniors have increased by 22% in 10 years. It’s only natural to worry about your parents living at home as they age and become more vulnerable. Technology is a great way to protect your parents and keep them safe. By arranging for smart technology to be installed, such as smart door and window locks and a smart doorbell, you can keep an eye on their home without being intrusive. For example, if it’s nighttime and they’ve forgotten to lock the front door, you can do it remotely. Technology can also help if there’s a medical emergency at a senior’s home. Up to 30% of seniors fall each year. Many will need help getting back up. Medical alert systems can detect when a fall occurs and will automatically call for medical help. The wearer of the device can also press a button to call for help. You’ll then be notified so that you can get straight over to your parents and give them extra support.

Arrange outings

Up to 30% of Canadian seniors are at risk of being socially isolated. If your parents are separated and live alone or if one of them has passed away, isolation is more likely. Keep your parents socially connected by arranging outings for them. Some of these should involve going out with you, such as to a local garden center or out for lunch. But you should also encourage your parents to spend time with other people their age. Look for local senior groups that they can attend and encourage them to go along.

Aging in place is often the best thing for seniors. You’re sure to want your parents to do it in a happy and healthy way, which is why you should implement these things as they age.

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