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Three Themed Dinner Date Ideas For Cozy Nights At Home

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship is to invest time and effort into making your other half feel special but, while you might love them more than anyone else in the world, it’s easy to stop trying once you slip into the comfortable routine of being a long-term couple.

That’s why relationship experts so often stress the importance of date nights, but, while these might be a great idea on paper, not everyone has the budget to organize regular evenings at fancy restaurants or high-brow bars.

Luckily, you don’t have to! In fact, there are plenty of ways to have fun without breaking the bank, including cozy evenings in where you do all of the cooking. If you really want to ramp up the effort you put in, you could even make these themed, so here are three adorable ideas to inspire you.

A taste of the Orient

 Indian Cuisine Dinner Date

One issue with eating at home is that it can be hard to differentiate between a date night and any other evening, but a good way to work around this is by incorporating a theme, and a taste of the Orient is one of our favorites. The countries of the East have long inspired creatives, as evidenced by everything from Arabian Nights through to the Wheel of Wishes game, a jackpot that offers free spins and features a host of exotic imagery straight from a storybook.

This is an aesthetic you can recreate, so make sure everything from your menu to your soundtrack is selected with your theme in mind. This means curry is most definitely on the cards, so spend a little time experimenting beforehand to make sure you get the taste right. Invest in some Indian floor cushions, set your food out on a low coffee table, and light some candles, and you’ll soon feel like you’re somewhere else entirely.

An indoor picnic

dinner date - indoor picnic

If you don’t think your culinary skills will stretch to an Oriental-inspired spread, how about whipping up an indoor picnic instead? All you’ll need to do is put together some simple finger food, and if even this seems like a struggle, you can always turn to your local deli for assistance. Once you have an assortment of snacks to choose from, it’s time to create the perfect mood, so spread a blanket out on the floor, pop your selected dishes into a wicker basket, and play some birdsong in the background. Don’t forget to include strawberries and champagne for dessert, before pulling down the blinds, dimming the lights, and putting your phones and any other distractions out of sight for the evening.

A couples’ cook-off

Waffles Dinner Date at Home

If you want to try something light and fun, another option is to have a couples’ cook-off. The idea behind this is simple: you’ll need some baking supplies, aprons, and chef’s hats, and a good-natured desire to outdo one another. With these to hand, it’s time to go head to head to discover who can create the most delicious dessert. While you could decide to make the same dish and see whose comes out the best, we recommend trying your hand at two different recipes, so you can share in the spoils no matter who claims the crown. Just remember, spoon licking is a necessity, as is fun, laughter, and a little healthy rivalry.

Tell us, which of these date night ideas would you and your bae enjoy the most?

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