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Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: Top 7 Things People Adore about Montreal


Montreal is a much loved city, and with good reasons. There’s so much about it that draws people in and motivates them to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Those who have known  the city since they were children, including people like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos, will attest that there’s a lot to love about Montreal. Here are seven examples that are sure to be at the top of most lists.

So Much Diversity and Culture to Enjoy

It’s been said that around a third of Montreal’s populace is composed of minorities from different national and ethnic backgrounds. As one who has a heritage including Greek, Russian, and Jewish elements, celebrating diversity is nothing new to Nicholas Kyriacopoulos. From his early years, he enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the cultures of his neighbours, enjoying everything from learning martial arts to exploring museums. That’s one reason he’s such a component for ongoing education and the support of cultural literacy.

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A Truly Bilingual Place to Live

To live in Montreal is to exist in a world where more than one language is spoken by just about everyone. It’s not unusual to hear people mix elements of English and French into the same conversation. If the occasion calls for it, many citizens can readily converse in either language. Nicholas Kyriacopoulos invites you to go to any part of the city and find a place where others will not understand you. As long as you can speak French or English (or both), you will find it easy to converse with others.

Cuisine Suitable For Everyone

It’s no surprise that a city with such a diverse culture would also offer a wide range of cuisines to sample. Since Montreal is such a welcoming place, people have no problem finding all sorts of foods to sample. If you fancy traditional British fare, it’s easy to find. There are Canadian dishes that visitors are likely to enjoy. From Chinese to Ethiopian to Greek cuisines, you name it and Nicholas Kyriacopoulos can point you in the direction of a restaurant, cafe, or other eatery that has exactly what you crave.

Wonderful Options for Entertainment and Nightlife

Montreal is known as the site for many types of festivals throughout the year. There are celebrations of all sorts for people to enjoy. In between, you won’t have any difficulty finding plenty of live theatre, concerts and other forms of entertainment. You can also ask Nicholas Kyriacopoulos about the nightlife. Since there are plenty of places that never close, you can always find something to do any time of the day or night.


Enjoy Your Wine Just About Anywhere

When it comes to enjoying wine in Montreal, there is an almost European sensibility. You can bet that Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will tell you about all the parks where you can bring along some to sip as you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. If you want to do so, there are lots of restaurants that have a “bring your own” policy that makes dining out all the more enjoyable. Don’t forget to take along a bottle or two if you decide to attend an outdoor concert. Just remember to pick up after yourself; in Montreal, they prefer to keep their public spaces neat and tidy.

So Many Beautiful Parks

The sheer number of parks found in Montreal make it easy to find one or two that are ideal for you. Some of them provide multiple spots that are ideal for having a picnic. Some include amusements for the kids while others offer the perfect spots to spread a blanket and enjoy some sun. Finding a park near your home or wherever you’re staying won’t be difficult. As Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will point out, many residents are within walking distance of at least one park.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Affordable Cost of Living

Whether you’re talking about food, utilities, or housing, there are options in Montreal that are within most budgets. That’s good news, since it means you can find a place that’s within your means and not have to worry about making the rent or paying the mortgage. Life balance is one of the things that matters most to people like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos; that includes being able to possess all the basic living needs without having to work multiple jobs.

These are only some of the attributes that make Montreal such a wonderful place to live. If you’ve never been there, it’s worth planning to spend a week or so in the city and see what you think. Just like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos, you’re likely to fall in love with Montreal. Who knows? It could even be where you decide to make your home in the future.


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