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Important Tips For Saving Your Restaurant Money

Every industry is competitive, but restaurants face notoriously difficult challenges. The competition from rival restaurants and food trucks with lower operational costs has never been stiffer, so the margins are correspondingly thin. Anything that can improve your business operations is vital. With that, here are a few important techniques to help your business run smoothly.

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Employee Scheduling Apps

There are many ways how to use an employee scheduling app to save money that are actually simple and intuitive — beyond its primary function to create perfect schedules in 80% less time than it would otherwise take, employee scheduling software unlocks all the data underlying your restaurant’s operations.

The manager-facing dashboards make it easy to see at a glance how your restaurant is really doing. It can track vital statistics out-of-the-box, like total sales, total labor costs, percentage of labor costs, and more. But it can also be configured to track other metrics that your restaurant needs to know, such as employee feedback and the weather, which has major implications for restaurants with patios.

Whenever a manager makes a change to a log book, other managers receive a notification immediately. This keeps them in sync, effortlessly and immediately. Because the app is cloud-based it means the logs are always accessible and cannot be lost.

Employee scheduling software helps with labor compliance, keeping the restaurant from incurring needless overtime expenses. By reducing the time it takes to make schedules, employees spend time where they’re most needed.

Reducing Waste

Businesses always strive to reduce figurative waste, but in the restaurant industry the waste is literal: save money by using food in your kitchen before it spoils. Label the food with expiration dates, and keep the older food in front of the freshest, so it gets used before it goes bad.

Where possible, reuse food that has gone “bad.” It goes without saying, never serve stale food! But old bread can be used for things like croutons, or bruised strawberries can be put into sangria.

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Manage Your Energy

The costs of electricity are rising in many places, so reducing your energy consumption is an important way to save your restaurant costs. You should monitor how much energy your restaurant uses, and track the costs as rates fluctuate. This will give you a picture of how much you’re currently spending, and will let you anticipate future costs. All business forecasts will require this data.

It’s smart to invest in LED light bulbs, and other technology that will lessen your energy bills in the long term. The cost is mostly upfront, and there are often government rebates which will make it more affordable in the short term.

Whether you decide to save money by using the latest technology or by old-fashioned cost-saving tricks such as wise food storage or energy management, there are various paths your restaurant can take. Indeed, you can take all these steps and more, because saving every penny possible only increases your restaurant’s chances for success.

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