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Tips For Furnishing Your First Condo Or Apartment

furnishing condo decor

One of the best moments in your life will be the second you get the keys to your first place. Whether you’re moving in alone, with a significant other, or a best friend, there are some easy ways to make the most out of your new space. 

Here are 5 solid furnishing tips for making the most out of your first place, whether it’s in a condo, home, or apartment!

1) Don’t Accept Every Freebie

Isn’t it funny how the second you mention you’re moving people want to give you their old stuff? But you don’t need your aunt’s antique china cabinet or giant entertainment unit. Take into consideration the amount of space you have to work with and choose items you might actually use, like a hand-me-down couch or coffee table. You don’t have to say yes to every person wanting to unload their unwanted items on you!

2) The Dollar Store Is Your Friend

You’ve probably seen TikTok hacks of people loading up on fairy lights at the dollar store and turning their room into a scene from a rom-com. The dollar store is a great place to get simple things for your apartment, from letter boards to decorative hand towels and even fake succulents that you never have to water. Get creative with dollar store items and see what Pinterest-worthy ideas you come up with!

3) Invest In A Couple Great Pieces

You don’t have to break the bank to decorate your condo or apartment fabulously. Tools like Furniture Store Find can help you find the best pieces of furniture in your area. Search for ottomans that have storage, funky shelf units, or a wild-coloured loveseat to tie your new apartment together and keep it fresh and colourful! If you pick the right items, you’ll be able to enjoy them throughout your entire life.

furnishing condo decor

4) Keep It Green

Invest in sustainable products, if you’re able to. Things like plastic picture frames can easily be replaced with wood counterparts. Use cute customized reusable serviettes to decorate your dining room table and support sustainability. You can even find ethically made glassware that looks chic and helps save the planet by using recycled materials.

5) Hang Some Art

The best way to make a new place feel like home is to hang artwork. Even simple things like using clothespins to hang pictures of you and your friends can add warmth to your space. Don’t splurge on crazy expensive art pieces. Instead, talk to your friends who are artists or know artists that you can support by buying pieces from them. You might be surprised at how a cheap, or free piece of art can become the centrepiece of your home. 

furnishing condo decor

Most importantly, remember that it’s your first apartment, you might have to try new things to see what works for you. No matter what, you’ll have a cozy place to watch Netflix with a glass of wine and your dog. 

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