4 Tips for Making Your First Charter Flight a Success

private charter jet

You’ve decided that your next trip will not be on a commercial flight. Instead, you’re going to arrange one of the charter jet flights from Toronto to get you where you want to go. Since this is your first time of using this mode of travel, there are a few things you need to know. These four tips will help you get started.

Book the Flight in Advance

Many charter services are set up to take last-minute reservations. However, you’ll find that the planning is much easier to manage if you book the flight well in advance. If at all possible, try to book at least a month from the departure date you have in mind. This will often provide a greater range of options in terms of aircraft and the amenities associated with each one.

Booking in advance also provides you with more time to learn about the aircraft that will be used for your flight. A little research will help you understand what to expect in terms of features like heat and leg room, standard amenities that come with each seat, and other essentials.

Settle on Any In-Flight Services That You Would Enjoy

One of the perks of charter flights is that it’s easier to arrange for some customized services in advance. Unlike commercial flights that require customers to take what they can get, you have the opportunity to make special arrangements that ensure the travel time is more pleasant.

For example, you can arrange for the food to be catered for the flight. The charter service will work with the caterer to ensure the food is properly stowed before it’s time for the flight to take off. That’s a great option when you need to follow a certain type of diet, or if you want to treat yourself to food that is usually reserved for special occasions.

private charter jet

Learn a Bit About Runway Parking Etiquette

Unlike commercial flights that require you to show up hours in advance, deal with a check-in process, and then spend time waiting at a gate, chartering a Boeing private jet allows you to drive onto the runway and board when you arrive at the airport. Along with this privilege, you will need to follow some basic etiquette.

Someone with the charter service will provide instructions on the route to take to the runway. Once you arrive, someone will direct you to the right place to park. There will be someone on hand to greet you, ensure your luggage is stowed, and in general go over any last-minute details that you need to know.

Remember that tips may or may not be allowed. Some charter services have no problem with customers tipping personnel. Others discourage the practice. Ask the service in advance if they have any specific preferences for tipping and follow them to the letter.

Don’t Forget Your Identification

Even if you’re flying between two points within the same country, carry adequate identification with you. Preferably, you will have at least two forms that make it easy to establish your identity. At least one of them needs to include a photograph.

Remember that the staff at the charter service are happy to answer any questions that come to mind. At the time you book the reservation, let them know this is your first charter flight. They will provide information and tips that will help you feel more at home with the process as well as answer any questions that you think of later.

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