Tips On Planning The Ultimate Staycation


Just because you do not have the money to plan an elaborate vacation overseas, it does not mean that you need to spend the summer moping around while your friends Instagram their gelatos in Milan. The cost of airplane flights and hotels are often so high, that you are left with little spending money once you arrive at your vacation destination! Staycations are becoming an increasingly popular option for young people who want to save a bit of cash, but still have a good time. Use these helpful tips as a guide to planning your own fabulous staycation!

Be a tourist in your own town

Often we are so used to our surroundings that we take them for granted. Look up your town or city on a site like Trip Advisor. Make a list of all the tourist sites and activities available. You may be very surprised that you don’t know your own city as well as you thought you did. Doing touristy activities in your own town has the advantage of meeting foreigners. Meeting new people when you travel is often half of the fun, and this provides you the opportunity to connect and mingle with some interesting individuals. Offer to be a new friend’s informal tour guide. It can be fun showing off your home-town to other travellers. Who knows, you may even find yourself a sexy summer fling!


Bring the fun to you

Think about all the activities you wanted to do on your vacation. Of course you can’t magically transport yourself to a beach in Bali, but you may be able to mimic some of the experiences and activities. Want to learn how to cook Thai food in Thailand? See if you can find a local Thai cooking class. Want that authentic Las Vegas fun-filled vacation? Invite over the girls, make some fancy cocktails, set up a few laptops with some online games, and hey presto! You’ve got yourself your own Las Vegas casino like slotxo at home. Why not go Salsa dancing? Local embassies often host cultural events; see if there is an event near you. And the best part is that you can do many activities from different countries in a single day. Talk about time efficiency!

Take advantage of the natural beauty

It took me moving abroad to appreciate the natural beauty in my home town. Every town is different though. So if you have mountains, climb them! If there are forests, go for a walk. Have a picnic in your local botanical gardens and see if you can name any of the plants and flowers. If you live on the coast, make the most of the beach. But don’t forget the sunscreen lotion! Go kayaking in a local lake or dam. And if you have been reading this passage and thinking, “My town has none of these!” –do not fret! Find a quiet place to watch the sunrise, or sunset. When it gets dark, grab your best friend and a blanket. Go outside. Lie down. Stare at the stars. It may not be Milan, Las Vegas or Phuket, but it sure is a beautiful sight!

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