Is it Too Soon For A Career Change?

You might have heard the phrase “it’s never too late to learn” or people talk about career changes in later life. As we start to live for longer and the possibility of retraining and gaining further education well into adulthood grow, it really is never too late. Older adults are capable of anything. Many are unhindered by ill health, and their bodies keep going. They are keen to keep doing things that they love, and if that means a career change in later life or even an encore career, they are happy and eager to go for it. In later life, when you’ve paid off your mortgage, had a successful career and already built a nest egg for your family, you don’t have anything to lose.

But, is it ever too soon for a career change? When you’re young, and you’ve got much more to lose, as money is often tight and people depend upon you, is it ok to throw in one career to jump on to the next? Or should you stick with something that makes you unhappy because it’s steady and reliable work? Many young people feel as though after years training, and a fortune spent on education, they have to see it through, even if the career that they always thought they wanted doesn’t make them happy.

Well, it’s not too soon for a career change, and you certainly shouldn’t stick with something that makes you unhappy. It’s often a good idea to plan to build your resume in a beneficial way but there are some things that you should ask yourself before you jump ship.

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Are You Bored?

So many people give up on good jobs because they are bored. They have a bad day, the early enthusiasm has worn off, and they think that they are unhappy. When this happens, most people find themselves stuck in a pattern of jumping from one lousy job to another. Ask yourself if you are truly unhappy, or just bored? Is it a job that will never make you happy, or are you just going through a bad patch? Sleep on it, take some time to think, remember that the grass isn’t always greener and don’t do anything rash.

Are You Prepared?

A career change rarely comes easily. You’ll need to commit to further training and education. You might want to work with a resume maker to make sure your CV highlights any relevant transferable skills and experience. It might take time to find the right job, and then to build up to the level and pay that you are currently at. If you want to change careers, make sure you know what you are getting in to and prepared for hard work.

Should You Wait?

Are you in danger of being seen as a job hopper? Have you had more than five jobs in the last few years? Have you ever had a job that’s lasted for more than two years? A series of short-term employment on your CV looks bad to employers who will question your loyalty and determination. If you’ve got a relatively good job, with no massive downsides, might you be better sticking it out for a little longer?

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