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The Top 5 Most Played Online Games of 2023: Analysis and Review

There are hundreds of AAA online games in the world, and every year adds several new ones. But the list of prominent leaders is quite stable, and it is very hard for new titles to break in.

In this article, you will find an analysis of the top five most played online games and discover the reasons for their invincibility. You will read about the game origins and gameplays, compare their missions, characters, and weapons, and evaluate unique features. Among these top 5 online games, you will surely find a perfect one to play by yourself or watch tournaments between your favorite teams.

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Online Games PUBG

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or just Battlegrounds, opens the list of really good online games. It is a battle royale game by PUBG Studios. Its creative director Brandon Greene claims that PUBG was inspired by Battle Royale, Hunger Games, Delta Force, and America’s Army. In the game, a group of up to 100 players is decanted to a huge randomized area. They need to survive fighting against circumstances and each other.

PUBG is highly appreciated by critics and players for its huge unpredictable maps, shrinking locations, total looting, plane bombing, stylish ghost towns, and short rounds of 30 minutes. The total sales of the game on all platforms exceed 75 million copies. The game is also popular among pro sportsmen. PUBG tournaments with prize funds of $100,000+ have been held since 2017.

General Info:
  • Developer: PUBG Studios.
  • Supported platforms: Windows Android iOS Xbox One PlayStation 4 Stadia Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 5.
  • Concurrent online players (per second): 3,250,000+.
  • Launched: December 20, 2017.


Online Games CS:GO

Counter-Strike is a classic leader of the best games to play online. The game was expanded from a Half-Life mod created by Minh Lee and Jess Cliffe. Later, the mod was bought by Valve and turned into a game series.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter with included multiplayer. Its gameplay consists of confrontation against terrorists and a counter-terrorist unit. Teams must prevent or perform an act of terror: assassinate a target, take a hostage, or infuse a bomb. Counter-Strike is well-known for its realistic gameplay, authentic ammo, and numerous mods, spin-offs, and prequels. The game gained a huge community, an official championship of 20+ tournaments with prizes of $300,000, several leagues, and countless teams. Counter-Strike is also beloved by bookmakers, you can find it on any esports betting site.

General Info:
  • Developer: Valve.
  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360.
  • Concurrent online players (per second): 1,700,000+;
  • Launched: August 21, 2012.
  • Series launched: November 9, 2000.

League of Legends

Online Games League of Legends

League of Legends, LoL, or just League, is a multiplayer online arena in a fantasy style that evolved from a Warcraft custom map DoTA. During a League round, two teams of 5 champions each strive to infiltrate the opposite base and destroy its governing structure Nexus. Each champion has a unique set of abilities, an original customizable appearance, and limitless options for upgrade. The League developers Riot Games regularly add new characters, features, and weapons, and improve the game details to make it suit new devices.

League of Legends has 12 regional leagues and almost endless match series, and you can not only play by yourself but also watch professional tournaments regularly.  As one of the most popular online games, LoL is included in the list of must-have esports for bookers, and watching LoL matches may become a very profitable hobby.

General Info:
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS
  • Concurrent online players (per second): 700,000+.
  • Launched: October 27, 2009

Among Us

Online Games Among Us

Among Us by Innersloth is a social deduction game inspired by the game Mafia. The gameplay includes an astronaut crew of 4-15 mates that do simple tasks, mostly to maintain crucial infrastructure. At the round start, the game algorithm appoints up to 3 anonymous imposters among the players that have to sabotage the maintenance without being revealed. Crewmates vote for ejecting suspicious players in the inbuilt chat, imposters kill the players. Crewmates win if all imposters are ejected or tasks are performed, and vice versa.

In 2020-22, Among Us got numerous awards, beating a set of other very good online games. Players and critics note its original gameplay and options for close cooperation. In opposite to the previous games, Among Us has a simple design and few character types, but appealing to the player’s social skills compensates for it in advance. The game fans did not develop leagues and championships, but it is only a matter of time.

General Info:
  • Developer: Innersloth.
  • Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Nintendo, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.
  • Concurrent online players (per second): 444,000+.
  • Launched: June 15, 2018.


Online Games Minecraft

A sandbox and survival game Minecraft is a best-seller phenomenon. The game was never advertised but became #1 by sales among the top online games in history. Minecraft is an indie game, its first version was created by a single developer Marcus Persson, but its open source allows millions of fans to create hundreds of new modes.

Minecraft has a procedurally-generated unlimited map, a square block design, and no prescribed tasks. Players may do all they want: from mining materials and constructing whole cities to simple hunting, escaping monsters, and chatting with NPCs. Players may cooperate or compete, launch personal servers, and create separate mini-universes. Minecraft provides basic tools and the freedom to use them. There are no official Minecraft competitions yet, but it is already used for modeling, research, and conferences.

General Info:
  • Developer: Mojang Studios.
  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, Fire OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Apple TV tvOS, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS.
  • Concurrent online players (per second): 960,000+.
  • Launched: November 18, 2011.


These 5 most played online games attract with interesting gameplay, bright well-developed characters, and impressive abilities. All of them are multiplayer competitions that require a keen mind, quick reaction, and strong strategic skills. The games keep the highest quality, develop constantly, and add original stories and innovative features. No wonder that their servers are packed with millions of players, meanwhile, matches attract talented professionals and gather faithful communities. Play the top online games, watch pro matches, and earn by betting on their results at the Captain Cook casino.

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