Top 5 Things You Need To Take Your PS4 to the Next Level


It is one thing to have the latest gaming apparel in the market, but it is a whole other thing to get the very best out of what you already have. PS4 is quite popular among gamers. It is quite a shame that a lot of players have no idea how to capitalize on PS4 and enjoy the very best from their gameplay. While most of the tips and tricks are not obvious, it takes a keen look at some features to get it right. Here are the top 5 things you need that will help you take your PS4 game to the next level:

Get playing the free games immediately

Everyone loves free things, and when it comes to gaming, the deal is sweeter. While you cannot get the best massage chair for gaming for free, several PS4 games are free, and not only that but are fantastic to play. Get on the free games immediately, including, Fortnite, Final Fantasy XIV Trial, among others. Do not get too caught up on the idea of having too many games that you overlook the free ones that can be worth your time. Have fun with the free games available, and if you need more, go to PlayStation Store > Free.

Get more storage space

ps4 storage

Technically, as time goes by, the new games seem to be getting bigger and bigger. You may quickly realize that your current PS4’s storage is not sufficient for optimal performance. Your best shot is to get more space, say, the best PS4 external hard drives, particularly if you are running firmware 4.5 onwards. You can even choose to replace the internal hard drive, like a 2.5inch SATA II, 5,400RPM that is at most 9.5mm thick.

Use folders to manage your games

With so many games on your device, you need a systematic organization method that will help you keep track of all the games, to go with the amount of storage you have. It is the best way for you to access all your games swiftly on your home screen easily. It saves you a lot of time sorting out different games. It is also the perfect way to ensure that you manage the number of games that are running at the same time, which can cause lagging and derail your gameplay.

Choose the perfect PS4 theme for your preference

The importance of customization will only manifest once you take time to change up the theme of your PS4 per your preferences. It is how to make the PS4 feel like yours, and with such a sense of ownership, your performance will definitely improve. The theme you select should give you a visual and audio lick of paint, unique from what everyone else flaunts. The good news is, there is a load of themes that are available for free or at least, with a little fee to them.

Capitalize on PlayStation phone apps

ps4 apps

Your PS4 social game can up to the next level, by simply relying on the PlayStation phone apps. It can be a lot of fun when you find a way to spy on what your friends are playing and quietly judging them. The PS App and the PS Messages App not only gets you social with other people but also boosts your performance in time. Fine tune your gaming experience even more through the PS Communities and PS Video apps.

There is a lot to gain from PS4, only if you know how to tweak it to your advantage. Before you start complaining of boredom, the five tricks above should get you on the right route to enjoying your gameplay.  

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