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Should You Use A Microphone For YouTube Videos?

The sound is always important for a video. You can have the most beautiful shots, but if your sound is bad, the viewers will be annoyed. It’s not convenient to watch a travel or a lifestyle vlog, which has no sound at all. Adding a background music is a nice trick, but it won’t work out forever. Modern viewers expect you to comment on what you’re filming at least.


So, how to enhance sound in the vlogs without spending a fortune? By getting a microphone. Don’t worry, you can find even the best vlogging microphone on a budget. Everything depends on how small your budget is and what you’re expecting from a mic. Microphones are one of the most affordable vlogging gear.

How to Improve Sound Quality

First of all, let’s figure out whether you really need a mic or not. Read the questions below to get the answer:

  • What are you filming with? If you’re filming with a smartphone yet, you don’t need a mic. Wait till you buy the first camera.
  • Where do you film most? If you film in the house and your camera has the inbuilt mic of average quality, you don’t need additional sound equipment.

Get an external sound gear if you’re serious about vlogging and making videos of a high quality. A decent sound gear is important. Those who film outside the house under different weather conditions, especially when it is windy or snowy there, need it most. Want to make qualitative shots while filming on the beach? Get the external sound gear as well. Which one to get? Let’s have a look.

canon camera with rode microphone - mic

Here is where you should start to find better audio.

  • Snowball USB Mic. It is an affordable model among all USB microphones with similar features. It has MacBook and PC compatibility and plugs and attractive design. The only problem is the size of it. It is a pretty big model, which probably is going to appear in your videos.
  • Rode Video Shotgun Mic is among most popular camera attached microphones YouTubers have. Why is it so popular? It eliminates excess background noise. The video and audio don’t need any additional timing manipulations in the editing program. The previous mic doesn’t have the video and sound. With a Snowball USB Mic, users do it by themselves. So, if you want a good gear at a reasonable price, check this one.
  • Blue Yeti is a USB mic. It is one of the best models in this market niche. It provides great sound quality and fast and easy setup. It has Windows and Mac OS X compatibility as well. Blue Yeti is a nice choice for musical instrument and interview recording.

To achieve better sound quality without huge expenses, check among the best microphone gear presented on the market at the moment. It is not so expensive as it seems to be. Don’t ruin your videos with bad audio quality, especially if the video content is extremely good.

–Written by Jan Dils


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