How To Get A Job Through A Staffing Agency

Most job seekers perceive staffing agencies as places for entry-level and temporary job searches. They feel like these agencies are of no value to those with years of experience and expertise in various fields. While this is a popular opinion, it is not entirely true and a staffing agency can help you get the job you are looking for regardless of your expertise or years of experience.

Staffing agencies, also known as staffing companies or staffing firms can be used to get a pool of varied jobs. They include permanent placements and top positions such as those of CEOs. Let us see how a staffing agency works and how it caters to all candidates.

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How a Staffing Agency Works

A staffing agency is a bridge between employers and job seekers. Often, companies pay these agencies to advertise vacant positions for them and search for suitable talents for the positions. Candidates apply for these positions and the agencies pick the best match from the positions applied.

Benefits of Using an Employment Agency

Jobseekers benefit from the staffing agencies in the following ways:

It is Free

The employing company is the client to the staffing agency. As such, it is responsible for catering to the recruitment fee, relieving the jobseeker of the burden.

They Do the Job Search on Your Behalf

Most staffing agencies ask job seekers to create a profile with them highlighting their strengths. After this, candidates can access a pool of jobs available. Instead of hunting jobs all over, candidates get an easier time going through the positions, which may only available on such job boards.

There is a Variety

An employment agency provides jobs across different industries. They can be either permanent or temporary and job seekers can navigate them until they find one that makes them satisfied, according to their qualifications and expectations.

There Are Often Benefits

Employees can enjoy benefits from some agencies such as retirement plans, health insurance, and others after completing some hours or days while working under them.

They Give You Feedback

When applying for jobs, your resume might be your limiting factor. Staffing agencies give you pointers on how to improve it to make it stand out. They also give you feedback from different employees so you can know which areas to improve.

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Types of Available Jobs

Staffing agencies literally have jobs across countless industries. Unlike the perception that you can only find administrative and secretarial jobs, staffing agencies do not limit themselves to particular companies. The lengths of these jobs vary and include:

Temporary Jobs

These are often offered when employees are on sick leave and will come back to resume their positions. They also include those jobs available during a company’s peak season and end when it is over. There is no standard time set for temporary jobs as some only last for weeks while others go for months.

Temp-to-Hire Jobs

They are also popularly known as temp-to-perm. Here, companies employ job seekers on a temporary position as they assess their abilities. If they are content with the output, they proceed with offering such candidates permanent positions.

Permanent Jobs

They are what most job seekers go for given the chance. Unlike other types, these are long-term, usually, years, and come with lots of benefits. Staffing agencies will normally do the work for the company at a fee and if the recruitment is successful, the company pays.

How to Find the Right Staffing Agency

Some agencies specialize in providing their services for specific industries while others are generalists. As a job seeker, you should consider if the position you are searching for is specific and go for such agencies to avoid wasting time. Also, decide whether the length of the contract you want.

Tips for Landing a Job

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Treat it Like a Real Interview

Because some staffing agencies are left with the entire task of filling positions in companies they collaborate with, consider being professional. When scheduled to attend an interview with the employment agency, dress professionally, answer questions tactfully, and show up early.

Be Honest

Do not lie about your skills, availability, or intentions to the staffing agency.

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